(20220819) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Млади и нови масони + Септемврийски новини

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(20220819) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Млади и нови масони + Септемврийски новини

The BIG September Social

With September around the corner, we want to share with you the all important details (to save you the mither) of the upcoming Young & New Masons September Social weekend, hosted by (our kid) Manchester Level Club.

A full weekend is planned with a great blend of fun, Freemasonry and making friends. If you want to get involved and are yet to register, then the below links will give you the opportunity to confirm and will share payment details where applicable.


Lodge of Friendship No.44

Friday 2nd September we will be visiting Lodge of Friendship No.44. Tyle at 6pm

Festive Board £25

Welcome Beverage – Soup – Roast Chicken – Apple Pie

(Dietary alternatives available on request at time of booking)

Location: Manchester Hall, 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT

We will remain in Manchester City Centre taking in some local bars for those of you that are still gagging!

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Saturday 3rd September

10:30am – 12:30pm

Many of us attended the mint Learning Sessions via Zoom during the lockdown. Now is a chance to attend in person!

Location: Hemsley House, 41-42 The Crescent, Salford. M5 4PE

Hemsley House is a short distance from Manchester Hall. If you choose to drive it does have free dedicated parking or is a short walk from Salford Crescent station.

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2:30pm – 4:40pm

It’s not just a hour of bowling, but it’s also a hour of pool, ping, shuffle, darts or beer pong! What more can you ask for? This event is also open to non-masonic guests and bezzies.

Location: Lane7, 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN

Cost: £38

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5pm until the end

If you’re still “mad fer it”, the rest of the evening we will be taking in the highlights of Manchester with a Culture Bar Tour! With 416 bars within the centre we certainly will be taking a tour (hopefully we will remember it in the morning). This event is also sound for non-masonic guests, or feel free to make some along the way.


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