(20220830) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Сесиите ни за обучение са отново налични

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(20220830) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Сесиите ни за обучение са отново налични

Our Learning Sessions Are Back…

…for the 2nd in person session. That’s right folks, we’re back to hosting Face to Face Learning Sessions!

Our second session will be a “Back to Lodge” special and will be taking place on the Saturday 3rd September 2022 at Hemsley House. The session will run from 10:30am to 12pm. If you haven’t twigged yet, our next club social also follows the session.

We’ll be covering quite a few bases which include: Setting up the Lodge Room – what goes where and why? Entering the Lodge Room – and sometimes entering it late! The Opening and Closing the Lodge – including Odes. We’ll also look at the 1st Degree Tracing Board as one of the pillars of our learning!

It’s going to be a quite the session and one that Freemasons of all experiences can get involved with especially following a bit of a break from the Lodge room.

As always the sessions will be interactive – even more so in person. We’ll be able to use the Lodge room to our full advantage and ask as many questions as you want in a relaxed atmosphere. You do not need to wear suits or any regalia, this is a very casual session and a safe space to learn…it is also completely free!

If you’ve not visited Hemsley House before, it’s a short distance from Manchester Hall. It has free car parking at the rear and is a stones throw away from Salford Central. Hope to see you there!

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