(20220813) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Повдигане в степен Майстор – Август 2022

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(20220813) ОВЛ Англия: Мачестър Левъл Клуб: Повдигане в степен Майстор – Август 2022

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the Third Rising from MLC where we have tried to capture all the things that are happening within the club.


Hadrian’s Wall 85 Mile Trek

It’s just under one week until a group from MLC, together with our own APGM step off and embark on a 4 day hike – walking coast to coast along the ancient Hadrian’s wall path.

Taking place over four days, the trek will take the team over 85 miles from Bowness in Solway, travelling east and finishing at Wallsend Masonic Hall, where they will be met by our good friends from Northumberland Provincial Grand Lodge.

The hike, organised by our club Secretary Tom Daniel, is a charity expedition in support of the East Lancs Festival 2026, or more specifically the charity behind it – The Masonic Charitable Foundation – Tom having himself a beneficiary of the same in recent years and hoping in some small way to try and return the favour.

Over £2000 has already been raised so there’s no backing out now for the team. They will be completely unsupported and will be carrying all their own food, clothing, sleeping and cooking equipment. Two of the guys not even carrying tents – choosing instead just to sleep under a simple tarp, or just under the stars.

Backpacks weighting over 15kg each and walking nearly marathon distances each day – this certainly promises to be a test of the guys’ endurance and their commitment to such a fantastic cause.

We look forward to their live commentary as they go along and we wish them a safe and enjoyable week ahead! You can support the team through their Just Giving page, which links directly to the Festival and allows you to opt-in for Gift Aid.

Good luck guys!

Sponsor Tom & Elliott
Sponsor our APGM

Who’s Up For A Lodge Visit?

The new Masonic season is around the corner and we already have our first Lodge visit planned.

Friday 2nd September we will be visiting Lodge of Friendship No.44. This particular meeting will be a special evening as WBro David Stevens PProvJGW shares his Life And Journey Through Freemasonry from his 50 years as a Mason.

MLC members will also be joined by other Light Blue masons from around the UK as part of the Young & New Masons Social that encourages activities around the UK.

Fancy Coming Along?

A Lane7 September Social

Our September Social is open & for this one we’ve teamed up with our friends from the Young & New Masons Social, to bring you this event.

You will have seen that we already have a packed weekend planned, including a Lodge visit with Social Board, in person Masonic learning session. We now also bring you bowling, food & fun at Lane7 followed by a ‘cultural’ bar tour around the city! You can go all in, or just pick which best suits you.

To sign up, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch shortly to gather payment from you, but we will do the rest.

Register Here

The Return Of The Learning Sessions

With over two years absence due to the pandemic, Saturday 13th August saw the return back to the Lodge Room for the Learning Sessions.

The first session was designed to help blow the summer dust away. WBro Philip Titterton facilitated a Opening and Closing, with opportunities to ask questions in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Paul Mansell (MLC Chairman) said “it’s great to be back together in a physical form. Zoom was a fantastic tool to keep us all together during the lockdown phase where we all learnt so much. But knowing Pip can bring so much more when in person, I’m excited to see the sessions move to their next evolution

Registration is now open via the link below for our next session on Saturday 3rd September where members from the Young & New Masons Social will also be joining.

Register Here
Manchester Level Club - Who Are We?

Your MLC Premier

As a club for new Freemasons, we wanted to set out what it is we do for our members. Words just don’t do it justice, so grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the premier to our new promotional video that is about to hit all our media platforms in the coming days.


Where Is My Masonic Case?

With the start of the new Masonic season around the corner and it almost time to dig out our cases, the MLC Mentor (WBro Titterton) has shared some useful tips on getting ready including finding and what to pack in it.

Does your shirt and suit still fit? Harsh, but something to check!

Have you packed your gloves? Do they need a wash?

Have you checked the Summons? You maybe down to do something!

Have you packed the right regalia for the meeting?

Do you have any cash for alms and raffle collections?


Fancy a Masonic Binge?

Don’t forget we have our very own MLC Netflix! All 44 learning sessions are available to watch again, binge or do some research on an upcoming piece of ritual that perhaps you’ve been asked to deliver. You’ll also find the slide packs there too along with some handy tips on how to prepare for a Festive Board toast.

To access the MLC Members Hub, visit the MLC website

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