(20221102) November President’s Club Letter

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(20221102) November President’s Club Letter

November 2, 2022

Fellow President’s Club High Twelvian Member Dimiter Mandradjiev,

I recently had the honor and pleasure of inviting a fellow President’s Club Member to one of my Club meetings. After the day’s festivities and program, I asked the President of the Club If I could take the floor for a minute.    

I introduced my friend accompanying me that day and presented him with his new President’s Club pin. What a terrific moment it was because you could see the look on his face of pride and honor to be acknowledged.

After the meeting, I asked him what he thought of attending the meeting.  His reply was the epitome of High Twelve.  His answer: “I felt the warm embrace of fellowship and inclusion, and this is what Freemasonry is all about “. Enough said…I couldn’t agree more. Having the nice pin on his shirt didn’t hurt either in my opinion.

If you have not attended a High Twelve Club meeting yet, please reach out and we will find the nearest Club for you. You’re missing out if you haven’t yet felt the fellowship, friendship, and family inclusion that High Twelve offers!

Don’t forget the awesome PRESIDENT’S CLUB Pin is also for sale on www.high12.org website.

I plan on giving out a few more myself too!

I ask the Grand Architect of the Universe to extend his love and healing hands to all our brethren and loved ones during this Thanksgiving Holiday. Stay safe and remember, we are always here to address any questions you may have, and to help make your High Twelve experience fruitful and long-lasting!

God Bless!

Rick Santella

1st Vice-President

High Twelve International