(20230411) HTI Update April11, 2023

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(20230411) HTI Update April11, 2023
High Twelve International
April Up-Date
April 11, 2023
Club Secretary’s Take Note!

Your MARCHOnline Monthly Report F-200a is due immediately after your last March meeting!  This is the report that will be used to calculate the 2023-24 Per-Capita Statements that will be mailed 4/30.  All Secretary’s are to enter the Membership numbers and do not to check the No Changes Box!

Good Morning Brethren,

I hope this email find you and your loved ones well.

I am emailing all of our members to let you know that this will be your last chance to get your Clubs article in the Spring High Twelvian. Please send them to high12ian-editor@high12.org . If including a Picture, please make sure to list the names and their position in the picture.

Articles may be sent by any member of High 12. To our new clubs, send in an article letting everyone know who you are and how your club came to be. Our new International President Club members, let us know when caught your interest about High 12 International.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Thomas J. Brotherton III, Secretary
High Twelve International, Inc.

Office: 623.239.6170


Cochise Masonic High Twelve Club #703 – AZ

Hello, All Twelvians and Friends. Our March meeting was another exciting meeting with a great program and excellent comradery. 

We are all looking forward to the April meeting. Everyone in attendance will be telling two or three jokes. The last time we did this was a big success and a call for more.

April has been a good month for several Club Members. WB Chuck Fortner, of Huachuca Lodge #53 in Sierra Vista, AZ, a Charter Club Member of 28 years, was awarded an exceptional apron and beautiful. This apron is in recognition of being a Mason for 63 years, and he was awarded the apron in the same Lodge where he was made a Mason.

On another occasion, two Members of the High Twelve Club #703 were awarded Honorary Members of Camp Stone Lodge #77 of Sierra Vista, AZ. They are WB Kenneth Barrett KSA, PM, and WB Andrew Anderson 33*, PM. It is evident that our Club Members support the motto, “In Service To Freemasonry.”

Fraternally & Respectively
Andrew Anderson
(520) 234-3225

Rick Santella, 1st HTI VP

Fellow High Twelvians,

Welcome to Spring!!

Communication is crucial to the success of any organization.   I have had the honor of communicating with our President’s Club Members via a monthly email, keeping them abreast of events, activities, and successes within our High Twelve International Organization. 

You, The President’s Club Members have started giving me feedback as to how you became a President’s Club Member, what High Twelve means to you and what your expectations are of our organization.  I cannot tell you how meaningful this is and ask you to continue sending us feedback and information.   This only helps the Officers and Members as we are guided by what is going in the right direction and what needs attention.  Thank you and keep it going!

I have asked to be copied on all submitted Forms 200A/B’s this past year.   The idea behind this was to have the International Officers reach out to communicate (there’s that word again) with the State Association Officers and Members.   It has been a very positive and personal experience being able to thank those for recommending new Club Members, Wolcott and Youth Group Donations, election of New Officers and giving heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of those that have passed on to meet our Grand Architect.

Expect more of this going forward.   It is working and thanks to you, we are hearing more essential feedback.   Our strength is only as good as the input from our members.

How can we enhance your High Twelve Experience?

Lastly, Happy Passover and Happy Easter to those that celebrate.  God Bless and stay safe out there!   Hoping to see a lot of you at our Annual Convention in July!

Rick Santella

Freeport High Twelve Club #43 – IL

Freeport High Twelve #43 has been very fortunate as we have gained two new members.  (And they’re young.)  Pictures will be included in the next newsletter after they’ve been officially initiated.

We had a speaker two weeks ago, the first time since Covid.  It was one of our new members who shared with us his occupation.  He is a security investigator and he shared some of his experiences.

We still meet every Thursday at noon with the first Thursday as our business meeting.  That’s when we give a “big” prize to a lucky winner. Our attendance has been lower in March due to various health issues. Hopefully April will be a better month.

Remember – every Thursday at 11:45, at Logan’s, off Rt. 26 in Freeport, IL.  We still get great meals.  If you go away hungry, it’s your own fault. Come and see for yourself.

Roger Carson, PSP, Secretary

Brother Sean Reed – Omaha NE

We are excited in Omaha to have an organizational meeting scheduled on April 18th at 6:30 p.m. at the West Omaha Masonic Center for the purposes of organizing an Omaha Club!  Look for more info to come!

The Villages High 12 Club #764 – FL, David Windmiller, Secy.

At our meeting on 7 December, FL State President, Brian Zeppa presided over the installation of new officers.

L to R:  Larry Lace, President; Mike Freach, 1st VP, Herman Strauss, 2d VP, David Windmiller, Secretary, Emmett Mills, Treasurer and Dan Williams, Sergeant-at-Arms.

At this meeting, Florida State Wolcott Trustee-Representative, David Windmiller, presented Century Club certificates to Larry Lace and Ron Hicks in recognition of each of them making $100.00 donations to the Wolcott Foundation.

David Windmiller presenting Century Club certificate and pin to Past President Ron Hicks
David Windmiller presenting Century Club certificate and pin to President Larry Lace with Larry’s sister, Renee looking on

And State President Brian Zeppa presented outgoing Club President Ron Hicks with a special achievement certificate in recognition of his outstanding performance during the previous year.

L to R:  Brian Zeppa, Larry Lace, Ron Hicks, Mike Freach, Herman Strauss

As it was December and Christmastime was approaching, Villages No. 674 celebrated the season by hosting the Villages Elementary School of Lady Lake Children’s Chorus who provided entertainment and sang Christmas Carols, for which the Club made a generous donation to the school.

Villages Elementary School of Lady Lake, Chorus
Villages Elementary School of Lady Lake Chorus, chorus director with donation check.

January featured a special presentation from the new club president (Larry Lace) to the outgoing president (Ron Hicks) and thanked Ron for his superb leadership during the past year.  Entertainment were lively and rousing games of card BINGO, which was enjoyed by all and three gift cards were awarded.

L to R:  Larry Lace, Ron Hicks

During the Club’s meeting on 1 February Florida State Wolcott Trustee-Representative, David Windmiller, presented pins, necklaces and charms to all members present recognizing that Villages Club 674 had exceeded its goal of meeting the Wolcott Foundation CEO’s “Chairman’s Challenge” along with a certificate acknowledging having met the Chairman’s Challenge and a certificate recognizing the club as a member of the Wolcott Club.  Entertainment featured knowledge games and trivia that covered such topics as movie actors, capitals of the US and foreign countries.

David Windmiller (Wolcott Trustee-Representative, on right) presenting Wolcott Club certificate to President Larry Lace (on left)
Lady Madelyn Windmiller placing pin on collar of 1st VP Mike Freach with members (L to R) Gerry Vann, Carl Wolff and Dennis Dugan looking on.

The 1 March 2023 meeting of Villages Club 674 was particularly noteworthy as it featured recognition of one of High Twelve International’s most prominent members, Past HTI President, Past Wolcott Trustee, Past State President, Past Club President and Past Club secretary/treasurer, Merv Harris, who was presented with yet another (one of many) Century Club certificates and pin.

David Windmiller presenting certificate and pin to Merv Harris.

The meeting also featured a presentation by the President of The Villages Property Owner’s Association, Brother Cliff Wiener, who is also a member of Villages Masonic Lodge No. 394, Villages Shrine Club and Villages HTI No. 674.  Cliff provided member of the club with valuable information and insights of the inner workings of The Villages management, the tri-county (Sumter, Lake and Marion), medical services and emergency (fire, police and EMS) services.

Brother Cliff Wiener, President, The Villages Property Owner’s Association

Most importantly, however, the March meeting honored the memory of one of our club’s most senior members, Brother Fortunato Santos, who passed to the celestial Lodge above on New Year’s Day, 1 January 2023.  Fortunato was a 60 year Mason and a long-time member of Villages HTI No. 674.  Several HTI members attended his Celebration of Life ceremony and his widow Lina Santos, and her eldest daughter, Arlene attended the March meeting.  President Larry Lace presented Lady Lina with a HTI Widow’s Pin while Secretary David Windmiller read a poem describing the background and purpose for the widow’s pin.  Lady Line spoke of her appreciation to our Club for everything we’ve done with her and Fortunato over the years and subsequently, after the meeting, she generously donated $100.00 to the Wolcott Foundation in loving memory of her husband.

L to R:  David Windmiller reading poem, Lina Santos receiving pin presented by Larry Lace.

April’s meeting will feature a permanent change of venue from Orange Blossom Hills Country Club in The Villages to Cottage Inn Restaurant at 340 S. Highway 441, Lady Lake, FL.  Entertainment for the meeting will be a member participation game designed to test one’s knowledge of logos.  The May meeting will feature a guest speaker, dressing as, and impersonating General George Washington and the role of Masonry in the Revolutionary War.  The June meeting will be conducted at Hilltop Putt Putt Golf Course for the Second Annual Putt Putt challenge.  All meetings are open, spouse attendance is always welcomed and encouraged

Respectfully submitted,
David Windmiller, Secretary
The Villages High Twelve International Club # 674

Montebello High Twelve Club #422 – CA, Don Travis, Secy.


My name is Jonathan T. Zambrano, a senior at Schurr High School.  I am the February Junior Citizen of the Month. I am a part of student body government, AVID, and the “Engineering and Design Pathway”.

I have been a part of the “Student Body” since my eighth-grade year at Macy Intermediate. Since then, I have been interested in partaking in school events. I continued my participation in Schurr’s “United Student Body” (USB) Freshman year as well as joining the “Engineering and Design Pathway” to help further my interest in engineering. During freshman year I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to pursue despite being on the pathway. I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to pursue anything in the field, but I felt that it would be a good safety to fall back on.  Unfortunately, mid-way through my freshman year the pandemic struck and participation in USB was very minimal to none.

My classmates and I breezed through our sophomore year with minimal to no participation within the student body. All I could really do was focus on my classwork and keep up good grades.

During my junior year, our return to campus, delayed but fruitful nonetheless. Schurr was set back another month in preparation for year’s events. With the students and the student body back on campus, and with the help of our upperclassmen we were able to bring back some of the Spartan pride lost to Covid. We were able to create an amazing high school experience for everyone including the senior class of 2022.

As a junior, I was recruited by the NSHSS (National Society of High School Scholars) and began my process as a member of CSF (California Scholarship Federation). I joined an after-school program known as ROP, where I was recruited to the mobile electronics team by an Engineering and Design teacher, Mr. Kline. He trained me to compete in the SkillsUSA Conference where I was able to take the first place gold award in the state of California. Unfortunately, I was only able to receive fourth place in the national conference but even so, it was a great experience.

Being a part of junior USB, the participation I partook in, was as a cabinet member, which consisted mainly of poster painting or event preparation. I enjoyed helping out whenever I could while juggling all of these responsibilities. I was able to maintain my exceptional grade point average of 3.83.

As a Senior, I had agreed to join the AVID program as my 0-period class. Along with this responsibility, I became a student body officer, the pep commissioner, where I would be planning and hosting major events. I joined HAC and became a representative of Schurr’s SkillsUSA program due to my previous success as a junior. I took the initiative to learn about the sound equipment we used, leaving me in charge of anything sound related for event planning.

In the beginning, I struggled with my position as pep commissioner along with how to operate some of the sound equipment but was able to quickly adapt. Due to my familiarity, I was invited to learn more about the equipment during a renaissance rally under the supervision of a trained sound technician, Adrean Corona. Moreover, later in the year when AVID hosted its talent show, I was once again asked to participate in the management of sound for the acts and audio, without the supervision. Renaissance hosted another event known as “Mr. Schurr High” another talent show for mainly male students. I struggled with some new equipment but was able to complete my role in the event easily, with minimal help from Adrean. In the future, with the skills and experience that I have accumulated through high school, I hope to pursue an education in Electrical Engineering and eventually a career in High Voltage Engineering. I have already been admitted to a variety of distinguished schools including Cal Poly Pomona, but no decision is not set just yet.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Schurr, its staff have given me, along with my family and friends who have supported me during my time as a student. My exposure to these experiences has sent me on a path to accomplish my goals and have a prominent future. I thank too the Montebello-Whittier Masonic Lodge #323 for this honor facilitated by the Montebello High Twelve Club #422.

(Pictured on campus are Jonathan, Claudia Monreal, Activities Director, Larry Mckiernan, Principal)

My name is Briana Gonzalez and I am the Junior Citizen of the Month for March. I am a senior currently attending Montebello High School and I am eighteen years old. I was born into a Hispanic household with two very hardworking parents and two sisters that helped push me to be better. I am truly honored to be receiving this award.

I’ve always had a hard time interacting with others and getting my voice out there because of my social anxiety. Although, I’m glad to have pushed myself completely outside of my comfort zone during high school. Being a part of ASB and having the chance to advocate for others and make their experience more fun has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Some of the events are still stressful, like the football games fill me with so much fear as I see the swarm of students. However, seeing everyone’s smiling faces makes it all worth it.

I try my best to be an integral part of my community. I’m part of Golf, Orchestra, Academic Mentor Program, and half a dozen clubs in our school. The people I’ve met in Montebello have helped me grow as a person and I’m truly thankful for every single one of them. I’ve learned the importance of teamwork so that you can make positive changes by working with others towards a common goal. 

After high school, I plan on attending a four-year university and studying biochemistry. It’s been a dream of mine to go to college and become a forensic scientist. The idea of finding out the truth about what happened and sometimes even being a voice for victims sounds so exciting. I would be able to make an impact in the world just by being nerdy like usual and working hard in a lab. I hope to go out into the world and make my community proud of me.

I thank the Montebello-Whittier Masonic Lodge #323 for this honor and for the Montebello Masonic High Twelve Luncheon Club #422 for the program administration.

Oakland High Twelve Club #2 – CA, Bruce Rick

High Twelve Club Encourages Red Cross Blood Drives

The High Twelve Club No. 2, of Oakland California, hosted a representative of the American Red Cross (ARC) who shared how easy it is to give blood and the relatively easy steps to host an American Red Cross Blood Drive.

Questions came fast and furious throughout the presentation to our speaker, Bradley ‘Brad” K. Warren, the ‘Blood Services Community Outreach Specialist-Northern Region-California’ of the American Red Cross. Mr. Warren is a multi-gallon blood donor who could answer all of the questions as one who has had experiences on the front lines.

First he gave us a PowerPoint presentation on who the current American Red Cross is, what they do to help people in our area and the bigger picture, and for us specifically, how one person giving blood helps at least three other people in various ways. Then, he followed with the steps needed to hold a blood drive and how the American Red Cross collaborates with your particular group to hold a successful event.

Also on hand for the talk were High Twelve members who are members of the Oakland Scottish Rite Center where we meet, which has all of the physical requirements for hosting a blood drive, and were interested in hosting the first ever blood drive in their building.

The Oakland High Twelve Club No. 2 presented Speaker Warren with a certificate (and lunch) for his excellent presentation.

Your Club location, where you are meeting or with a partner corporate Sponsor, can hold a blood drive. Contact your local American Red Cross and ask a representative to help you do it!

Here are some American Red Cross requirements to check your site of choice (church hall, hotel conference room, basketball court, community center, etc.):

  • Optimally 1,200+ sq. ft. inside, first floor or with minimal stairs or passenger/cargo elevator access
  • Ability to clearly separate blood drive area from other public access areas
  • Must maintain a private “bubble” so we aren’t “sharing the air” with non-blood-drive-participants
  • Minimum (4) 3-pronged/110 electrical outlets
  • Good lighting
  • Room-specific temperature control (AC/heat)
  • Location will accept wireless equipment with no signal obstructions or impediments
  • Bathrooms close to donation area (on same floor)
  • Accessible parking and easy access for equipment un/loading (e.g. ADA curb, ramp)
  • Ideally, furniture and equipment cleared from the room prior to American Red Cross staff arriving.
  • Table and chairs (about 6-8 tables, 20-30 chairs depending on the size of the drive/room)
  • Ideally, 35-45 actual appointments are desired in order to have at least 25 good units

For other High Twelve Clubs, Speaker Brad Warren offered to give his presentation in person to other groups in Northern California and via Zoom to Clubs and interested parties around the U.S. He has offered his email address for contact: brad@bradwarren.comand would like to speak at your club.

Whether or not a blood drive is in your plans, a speaker for your Club from the American Red Cross in your area is a great resource for local community information.

Esperanza High Twelve Club #801 –  FL, Ismael Arrizabalaga

On this day (4/1) Esperanza #801 has this month regular meeting. Thanks to Brother Luis “Bond” for a state of the art lecture given.


The High Twelve Club was called to order on March 14, 2023 at 1130 am by Toby Stoker, 1st VP.  The president is out of state today.  We had our opening prayer by Chaplain P/T Terry Miller, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States and Texas Flags.  After introductions, we were given time to eat with great meals from Golden Corral.  After the meal, VP Toby Stoker conducted our short business meeting in which we voted to continue the annual donation to support the Comal100 club, dedicated to first responders and their families.  VP Toby introduced our guest speaker Jakob Willmann, Crime Prevention Technician from the Comal County Sheriff’s Department.  He explained different ways scammers use, without us being aware we are being hacked, or our ID’s stolen.  Telephone calls also are used to get personal information or a donation.  The biggest thing is to never give out information to anyone you do not know and to be careful even with friends.  After a lengthy question and answer session, Mr Willmann was presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” by the club.  High Twelve was closed in prayer by Terry Miller.   

Submitted by Beverly Stroman, Reporter

Officers 2023:
Dewey Owens, President
Toby Stoker, 1st VP|
Albert Wiggers, Secy/Treas
Harry Jameson, Chaplain

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