ГРАДЕЖ: Spreading the Light of Masonic Research No. 219: “King Solomon’s Pass” Δ

Новина 998 от 1271

Великата ложа на старите свободни и приети зидари в България счита, че като майка на всички регулярни Велики ложи в България, е призвана да дава информация и разяснение относно същината на масонството. По тази причина причина може да достъпите следния градеж на масонска тематика:

Spreading the Light of Masonic Research No. 219:

“King Solomon’s Pass” Δ

Δ Свали от тух Δ

Свалете градежа, чрез натискане на горния текст с връзка.


Announcement: Our next Unstated Meeting is Saturday, August 5th. See details at the end of this email.Here is our latest installment of research papers from Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777. If you would like to be added to the list, or have a friend who would like to be on the list, just send me an email or message. This week’s submission is from Dr. Roger M. Firestone, entitled “King Solomon’s Pass” which was presented in A. Douglas Smith Jr. Lodge of Research No. 1949 on December 18, 2010.

The author explores the meaning of King Solomon’s Pass in the second section of the Master Mason degree and the attempts of the ruffians to escape justice by fleeing the country. He explores the nature of sea travel and offers a very different symbolic meaning for their actions.

If you enjoy these weekly papers, I highly recommend attending one of Virginia’s premier Research Lodges. Hearing a paper presented in person by the author, with the discussion afterwards, is a far superior experience to simply reading it for yourself. Also, there are papers presented in a Research Lodge that will never be made available online.Did you miss a paper? See all previous papers here: http://www.researchlodge.org/Lists/Spreading.