(20221009) Канада: ВЛ Манитоба: Новини

Новина 85 от 1280
(20221009) Канада: ВЛ Манитоба: Новини
Volume 31 | 2022






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That’s a good question ?


In the ancient world of Operative Masonry the masons were often required to move from job to job much as in our modern time. It was further explained that ancient master masons, just as 1st class masons of today of today, were more likely to travel great distances than those of lesser ranks (FC & EA). Due to their experience (and today, usually a membership in the labor union representing the craft) they could move freely from job to job. Those doing so were normally members of a Masonic guild, whose members would, if known, vouch for the qualifications of (or recommend) another ‘traveling’ mason.


In speculative masonry we as Master Masons may freely move from Lodge to Lodge (either visiting or moving membership) and upon proper avouchment or by testing be found worthy to attend another Master Mason Lodge. This is much the same as moving from one job to another or from one ancient Masonic guild to another.


Also, a Master Mason is a traveler from west to east, as east is the where the sun comes up, hence the source of light. This is why the master sits in the East. Because it is the source of light. Thus being a traveling man represents our journey from darkness to Masonic light (enlightment). We “traveled” symbolically when we were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Remember the words, “It will be necessary for you to travel”? and the condition of the road we would have to travel?


In Masonry we are told to seek the light. Light in Masonry is knowledge and from that knowledge comes information and understanding.


By Brother Jeff Godwin







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RW Bro. Grant McMullan was presented with his J.R. Bingeman Medal at Fenwick Lodge last night for more than 5 years as a volunteer driver for the MasonsCare cancer patient transportation project “WheelsOfHope”. 


Thank you Brother!! 


You don’t realize the full value of the program until you need to use the service. ~ED






A Famous Freemason


Dominque You (1775-1830), Pirate and associate of Jean and Pierre Lafitte, born in Haiti about 1775, and little is known of his early life. 


He is supposed to have followed the sea from early years; subsequently he served in the artillery corps during the wars of the French Republic, and in 1802 accompanied General Leclere to Santo Domingo. 


Associating himself with the pirate brothers, Jean and Pierre Lafitte, he soon became their principal captain and was nicknamed “Captain Dominique.” 

 He won a reputation for boldness and daring. When Venezuela declared her independence, Dominique procured letters of marque from the patriots, and did much damage to Spanish commerce in the Gulf of Mexico. 


In the following years he took part in the unlawful operations of the Lafittes in the bayous, and in July, 1814 a grand jury indicted him for piracy, but he could not be apprehended. 


When the English invaded Louisiana, he offered his services to the Americans and was appointed commander of an artillery company, which he formed from the best gunners of the pirate ships, and which performed such good service in the Battle of New Orleans that General Andrew Jackson, wished he had “fifty such guns on this line and 500 such devils at their butts.” 


Dominique became a good friend of Jackson, who mentioned him in an order dated Jan. 21, 1815. Following his pardon by President Monroe, he settled quietly in New Orleans, where he enjoyed great popularity as a politician. He was a member of Lodge La Concorde of New Orleans, according to a certificate dated June, 1811. 


His funeral was a notable affair, and persons of all racial, political, and religious affiliations attended. A lot in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2 (Catholic) was purchased by the Freemasons, who also ordered a tombstone with a Masonic emblem inscribed on it. Died in Nov., 1830.


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