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(20210109) Актуално от High Twelve International


High Twelve International  Update
End of Year 2020

Jerry J. Hamilton, President  

and the Executive Board

Mike Haxton,1st Vice-President

Greetings Twelvians!

Well, the news for once is really good. There will be enough Covid vaccine to take care of us long before the June 100th International Convention! All we need to do is get through the next few months. And that means taking care of ourselves, wear that mask, stay away from big crowds for now, and take out, don’t eat out. This has been a hard year, and I personally am glad it is almost over. As an organization, we are coming through it intact, which is good news. Personally, I lost a friend and Brother, an officer in my Daylight Lodge, to Covid, and that is bad news. So, you see, this is personal to me, as I know it is to many of you. It is heartening to see how the entire world has pulled together to create vaccines in less than a year that would normally take several years. When mankind puts its mind to it, miracles can happen.   Maybe some of the lessons we have learned in the last year will lead to greater things.

Your International Officers have been meeting regularly over Zoom, and doing the things needed to keep the wheels turning, but I can tell you that we miss seeing all of you as travel has been restricted. After we are all protected, I know that I personally want to make up for lost time. You all will see a lot of me around the Clubs after June.

I got to go to Shell Knob, Missouri’s Club a few weeks ago for a socially distanced evening, along with Deputy Trustee George Arnold. They meet at 6:30 pm. The meeting was well attended, and they are very active in their community, which is the southwest Missouri lakes region. I have to admit, it was an interesting drive. On crooked roads, and in a rainstorm, but George is a good navigator and we made it without incident. Where I’m going with this is that Shell Knob #616 meets in the evening, and they had young people there. Young People. Our Future. They meet at a time where those younger Masons can be there.

Maybe a lot of Clubs with falling attendance should take a long hard look at Shell Knob, and think about either a change, or the addition of an evening meeting once in a while for those who just plain cannot do lunch.

There are a lot of Clubs who are doing Zoom meetings, or through Facebook or another platform. I applaud you who are doing this. A lot of Clubs are meeting, I will be at St. Joseph Missouri #049 myself in the morning, but my own club cancelled the December meeting because the President and his Lady have -It.  Each Club needs to decide the form of their meeting, and then meet. We will all be back together soon, much sooner than I thought, so, patience, versatility, and creativity will be our hallmarks for now.

President’s Club news, we have new members in Bulgaria! And they are about ready to form a Club! See, we really are International!

The Election is mostly over, and I am relieved to see ads for Fords and Chevys instead of for politicians. All I want to see is my street paved and the mail delivered for now. Oh, and on time trash pickup.

Well, it’s 1:21 am here, and I suppose I should close this out. Have a safe Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Festivus, and join me in wishing that the year 2020 be simply erased from the history books.



Belly Masons Unite!
The only thing you have to lose is sight of your belt buckle!


Rick Santella, 3rd Vice-President


I am sure many of us are happy that 2020 is in our rear-view mirror and hopefully we will be able to meet once again in person and share fellowship. Now more than ever it is vital we look towards building our Clubs, engaging our members, and remembering why we hold a High 12 dues card!

We just finished a Zoom Meeting with the Valley Forge Club in Pennsylvania.   They had Alyssa Kline, Past Honored Queen, Bethel 15, Miss Job’s Daughters of Pennsylvania 2019-2020.and Kim Miller, Past Bethel Guardian, Bethel 15, Past Grand Guardian, current Grand Bethel Secretary, as their featured speakers.

What a terrific presentation and it reinforced for me why we as High Twelvians, do what we do!  

I would urge our Clubs to seek out representatives from the Youth Groups and the Wolcott Foundation in your areas where possible.  It is encouraging, even during these difficult times, to see their leadership, grace, ambition, and positive attitudes…. exactly what our future leaders need to inspire in others! 

Looking forward to our Mid-Year Conference on January 23rd.   I will miss the in-person engagement and fellowship, but I believe we will still hear some very encouraging ideas and success stories that day, so I hope to see you there even from a computer screen.

God Bless and Stay Safe!

Rick Santella


Kevin L. Hokerk-Robinson, PSP, SE, Treasurer

As stated in the Fall High Twelvian Magazine I have turned over the secretary duties to Thomas Brotherton who is doing a great job.  I am still in contact with him and assisting as needed.

Please remember to send in your donations for the 100th Anniversary 2021 Pocket Planner and pen that you received a short time ago.  Additional copies are available from the HTI website.

The Mid-Year Governing Board meeting will be via Zoom this year on January 23, 2021 due to Covid-19.  All members have received the information but if you missed it click on this EVENT.

All association and club EIN contacts were mailed the annual EIN validation sheets on December 28, 2020.  These are due back to me in the self addressed, postage paid envelope that included no later than January 31, 2021.  It only takes a couple of minutes to do this validation once a year, so please don’t delay!

There are still 23 clubs that owe per-capita for 2020-2021 please take a few minutes and send a check in the envelope that was included with the statement.  If you lost the statement just send me an email at treasurer@high12.org and I will send you a new one.


Eric Klienbach
International Sergeant at Arms

My fellow High Twelvians,

It is a pleasure to half the opportunity to serve High Twelve on the International level as your Sargent at Arms. Thank you, Brother President Jerry Hamilton, for the appointment. I look forward to attending the Virtual Mid-year and Annual Convention in June 2021.  I also thank the Florida State High Twelve Masonic Association and all the Florida State Clubs for the opportunity to sever as your State President for 2020.  I thank both Central Florida High 12 Club No. 547 and the Florida State Executive board for their endorsement/support as I plan to run for Third International Vice President for 2021-2022.  Hopes to meet most of you in person moving forward.


W Brother Eric Klienbach, PSP FL 2020


















It is important for you to feel like you are doing something meaningful.

There is something magical about doing for others, and knowing, that you have been a part of helping. 

Submitted by,
Dewayne Wiesenmiller,

Florida State High Twelve, Chaplain, PSP


Hello High Twelvians,

Please note we have changed the hour of our remaining virtual meetings to 1 pm by home phone conference call, or if you prefer, by computer with Zoom.

I especially hope you will mark your calendar to join us Monday January 4 at 1pm when we will be hosting a special presenter from the US State Department!

To learn all about it, open the attached file and enjoy our Donegal Area High Twelve #686 Newsletter.  The newsletter includes information about the presenter, the conference call phone number and how to launch Zoom.  

Bro. David Whitenack  President
Donegal High Twelve Club #686 PA


Villages High Twelve Club #674 Lady Lake FL

Brethren & Ladies, our Club wishes your Club and members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hopefully, you will be able to have your meetings on a regular basis in the new year.


Our club has been meeting since September and each month we have more people in attendance. Our newly Vice President volunteered to take over the duties of finding entertainment at the meetings and is doing a great job. He and his Lady came up with a great start by having Christmas Trivia and all the members and guests really enjoyed the game.


The asked questions were about Santa, the reindeer names, and several other questions in technical language, which we had to figure out. What made it so nice was the tables were set up for four people and the tables were spaced at a safe distance. There were prizes for the top four winners.


Everyone was pleased with the entertainment and they are looking forward to the coming meetings for what the VP and his Lady have planned. They promise live entertainment, speakers and games at the future meetings and we expect the number of attendees to increase when the members not in attendance hear what is happening.


We also start the meeting off after the opening and invite anyone with a joke or story to share with the club members. All jokes are in good taste and many jokes are new to the members.


September Joke: Four old-timers were playing their weekly game of golf, and one remarked how nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning, roll out of bed and without an argument, go directly to the golf course, meet his friends, and play a round. His friends all chimed in and said, let’s do it! We will make it a priority, figure out a way and meet here early Christmas morning.


Months later, Christmas morning arrived, and they were all on the golf course. The first guy says, Boy, this game cost me a fortune! I bought my wife such a big diamond ring that she cannot take her eyes off it. Number 2 guy says, my wife is at home planning the cruise I gave her. She was up to her eyeballs in brochures. Number 3 guy says, Well, my wife is at home admiring her new car, reading the manual.                            


They all turned to the last guy in the group who is staring at them like they all had lost their minds.  I cannot believe you all went to such an expense for this golf game.  I woke up this morning, slapped my wife on the bottom and said: Well Babe, Merry Christmas! It is a great morning for either making love or golf, and she said, Take a sweater.  


Wolcott Trustee’s Anticipate
Fellowship Applications

The five Trustees of the Wolcott Foundation are preparing for the arrival of applications from potential Wolcott Fellowship applicants. The application period begins December 15, 2020 and continues to January 15, 2021. The Foundation usually receives between 50-75 applications in any given year.


The Wolcott Trustees have until February 15, 2021 to complete their evaluations and submit their recommendation list to the Wolcott Chairman. The Trustees will then meet, if possible, in person, or virtually to discuss and select the Fall 2021 Wolcott Fellows Class.


Each Trustee spends an average of 20-30 minutes evaluating each applicant’s qualifications and information submitted, to select only the most outstanding applicants to receive a Wolcott Fellowship. The number of Fellowships awarded will be determined by the Trustees during their February meeting. Fellowship recipients will be announced during the month of March 2021 on the Wolcott website. www.wolcottfoundation.com


The Trustees invite all High Twelvians to please access the website for information on your Foundation. All financial information from the Foundation can be found on the High Twelve International website, www.High12.org under the Wolcott tab at the top of the page.


Wolcott Fellowships are funded by contributions placed in The Little Red School House by High Twelvians like YOU. Thank you for your continual contributions and support of the Wolcott Foundation, a Masonic Educational Foundation dedicated to:



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Your Current Wolcott Fellows



In the past 60 years The Wolcott Foundation
A Masonic Educational Foundation
Has awarded over 500 Graduate level Fellowships
To outstanding students at
George Washington University in Washington, DC

In 2020 the Wolcott Foundation received over 40 applications
And awarded 5 Fellowships totaling $150,000.00

We currently have 10 Wolcott Fellows attending GWU

Please contribute liberally to the
“Little Red School House”

The Wolcott Foundation is the official philanthropy
of High Twelve International  

Remember the Wolcott Foundation in your estate planning
Contact your Wolcott Trustee or Deputy Trustee


Oakland High Twelve Club #2 CA – By Jim Strehlow, Secretary-Treasurer

I am in the midst of writing an article on our Past President, Dr. Cleveland Valrey.

His many military and masonic accomplishments are extensive. It is taking me much longer than I expected it to take to assemble his data. I just recently received a 13 page scanned military biography which is taking a long time for me to correct Optical Character Reader (OCR) errors and then rewrite for the sake of an article for your magazine.

Looks as if I will miss tonight’s deadline. Just letting you know that Oakland High Twelve Club #2 is most appreciative of the lifetime achievements of Bro. Valrey; but that we will not have an article ready for you for this immediate magazine deadline.


Jim Strehlow, Secretary and Treasurer of Club #2 in Oakland, California
Past Master, 33rd Degree Scottish Rite

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

The various lodges in California near where our Oakland Club No. 2 meets are all inspired by the continual demonstration of character of the best mason, we have ever known… Brother Cleveland Valrey.

Our Oakland Club is the second oldest club ever formed within High Twelve International.  We currently meet in the Oakland Scottish Rite Center across the street from Lake Merritt.  We especially have enjoyed our lunch meetings when Brother Valrey inspires us with a well thought out invocation prayer.  He has lived through exciting times and several wars.  I will start with his pre-Masonic years.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Bro. Valrey was born during the trying times of the Great Depression in Beaumont, Texas in 1930.  When many industries were moving to the San Francisco Bay Area for manufacturing efforts for World War II, at age 13 his family moved to Oakland, California in February of 1944.  He attended schools in Oakland and Berkeley until he enlisted in the U.S. Army in November of 1946 at age sixteen (16.)


His induction station was Camp Beale, California (now Beale Air Force Base.)  He received his basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  After a brief assignment at Fort Meade, Maryland he was reassigned to Company “B” 838 Engineer Aviation Battalion, 307th Bomb Group, Strategic Air Command, Mac Dill Field (now Mac Dill AFB), Florida; Avon Park Bombing Range, Florida Everglades.


He was on temporary duty (TDY) at Wheeler Sack Army Airfield, New York, in support of “Operation Snowdrop”, 11th Airborne Division, Pine Camp (now Fort Drum), New York.


He was serving in the U.S. Army Air Corps when that became the U.S. Air Force as a separate service September 18, 1947.  He became a charter member.  His unit deployed TDY to Oscoda Army Airfield (now Wurtsmith AFB), Michigan in 1948 and to Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens, Michigan (just northeast of Detroit.)  Due to his positive exposure to Airborne Operations and esprit de corps at Pine Camp, he qualified as an Army Parachutist in 1949.  He was assigned to the 56th Base Service Squadron (fighter jets) U.S.A.F. until the end of his enlistment in 1949.


He decided to make his career in the military service rejoining the U.S. Army for Airborne Training at Fort Wayne, Detroit, Michigan in November of 1949.  Following his initial Army in-processing at Fort Knox, Kentucky, he was assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia where he completed Basic Airborne Training in 1950.  He was assigned to (all black) Company “K” 3rd Battalion, 505th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.


At the outbreak of hostilities in Korea in 1950, a call was made for volunteers to be trained as Army Rangers.  He eagerly submitted his name and became one of the original members of 2nd Airborne Ranger Infantry Company.  They were trained at Fort Benning, Georgia.  He arrived on the snow covered embattled Korean Peninsula in December 1950.  The all black 2nd Ranger Company (Airborne) along with the 4th Ranger Company (Airborne) and the 187th Regimental Combat Team (Airborne) on March 23, 1951 made a Combat Parachute Jump at Munsan-ni, Korea.  That 2nd Ranger Company (Airborne) became the first “all black” military unit in the history of the U.S. Army and the United States as a whole to ever make a Combat Parachute Jump.  He participated in all company campaigns and raids from the time that the 2nd Airborne Ranger Company arrived in Korea until the company was deactivated in August 1951.


Serving as Assistant Squad Leader when his Squad Leader was killed in action, he assumed command of the squad and conducted numerous patrols, raids, and deep penetration operations against North Korean and Chinese forces. On January 14, 1951 at the Battle of Major-ri, when the 2nd Ranger Company suffered grievous casualties, he saved the life of a wounded fellow Ranger by literally carrying him from the scene of battle to the aid station for medical treatment.  That heroic rescue was done at night covering approximately three miles over mountainous terrain with deep snow and severely bitter cold weather conditions.  He then returned to the battle area to assist in setting up a blocking action. Following the March 23, 1951 Munsan-ni Combat Jump, he led his squad as the spearhead on a mission to link-up with elements of the 3rd Infantry Division on March 27.


Assignments thereafter were with “L” Company 187th Airborne (Regimental Combat Team), Beppu, Japan in 1951; 3rd Battalion 505th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1952; 19th Infantry Regiment.  He volunteered for a second combat tour in Korea and joined the 24th Infantry Division where he was promoted to Master Sergeant and served as a Platoon Sergeant operating in Japan and Korea in 1952-1953.  After he was wounded and hospitalized in Japan, he returned to duty in Korea.  He was in the 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Japan 1953-1955; 23rd and 38th Infantry Regiments, 2nd Infantry Division 1955-1957 Fort Lewis, Washington; briefly with the 4th Infantry and the 9th Infantry Divisions, Fort Lewis Washington 1957-1958.


He became Master Sergeant and First Sergeant of his Company at Fort Lewis.  He applied for Flight School in 1957.  In 1958 he was assigned to the U.S. Army Primary Helicopter School, Camp Wolters, Texas.


Upon completion of Pre-flight (Phase I) and Primary Helicopter training with Southern Airways (Phase II) at Camp Wolters, he graduated as an Army Aviator (Phase III) from the U.S. Army Aviation School and Advance Helicopter School at Fort Rucker, Alabama in November of 1958.  His first assignment as an Army Aviator was with the 93rd Transportation Company (Light Helicopter)(H-21), Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  He took an Aviation Maintenance Officer Course (AMOC) at Fort Eustis, Virginia in 1960.  He was reassigned to the 18th Transportation Company (Light Helicopter)(H-34) in Munich, Germany 1961-63 and the 90th Transportation Company (Medium Helicopter)(H-37), Illesheim, Germany 1963-64.  He also flew with the 205th Assault Support Helicopter Company.


He was reassigned to the Army’s elite 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1964.  There he took a Parachute Jumpmaster Course with the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  He received Fixed Wing Qualification training in-route at Fort Rucker, Alabama in 1964.  At that time, he was on official orders as a Master Army Aviator and a Master Parachutist.


When the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) deployed to Vietnam in 1964, he was reassigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne.)  He deployed with the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 1965 returning to Fort Bragg.  When President Lyndon Baines Johnson ordered the Airmobile Division to Vietnam, Bro. Valrey was reassigned to the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) at Fort Benning, Georgia and deployed with the Airmobile Division to An Khe and Ia-drang in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in August of 1965.


He took a CV-2 (Caribou) Pilot Transition Course, CH-47 (Chinook) Pilot Transition Course, CH-47 (Chinook) Instructor Pilot Course at Fort Rucker, Alabama in 1965-66.  In addition to his service with the 228th of the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile); on his first tour of duty he also served with A-252 of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne).


On return from Vietnam in September 1966, Bro. Valrey was assigned as an Instructor Pilot, Instrument Flight Examiner, and Standardization Instructor Pilot with the Artillery Aviation Command, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  He took a Rotary Wing Instrument Flight Examiners Course (RWIFEC) at Fort Rucker, Alabama in 1967.  He attended Counter Insurgency and Special Warfare training at the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Center for Special Warfare.


CW4 Valrey was reassigned to Vietnam during the Tet Offensive in 1968 where he served in the Saigon-Mekong Delta area.  He later served as Command Pilot for the Commanding General (CG) 1st Aviation Brigade, and then as Command Pilot for the Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Vietnam.


Following his 32 months of service in Vietnam, in December 1969 Bro. Valrey was assigned as an “Action Officer” in The Aviation Branch, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. until 1972.  He took a Military Personnel Officers Course (MPOC) at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana in 1970.  He took an Air Traffic Control Indoctrination Course (ATCIC) at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1972.  He took an Army Aviation Safety Officers Course (ASOC) at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California in 1972.  At Fort Rucker, Alabama he took an Aviation Warrant Officer Advance Course (AWOAC) in 1972 and a U-21 Instructor Pilot Course (IPC) in 1973.  He took a C-12 Pilot Transition Course: Aircraft Plant, Wichita, Kansas in 1975.  His final assignment was Chief Warrant Officer (4) in the Warrant Officer Branch, Office of Personnel Operations at Fort Benning, Georgia.


His aircraft qualifications were for:


The following Helicopters and Models: AH-1 G; OH-6 A; OH-13 E,G,H,S, Floats; OH-23 B,C,D,G, Floats; OH-58 A; UH-1 A,B,C,D,H; UH-19 D; CH-21 C; CH-34 A,C; CH-37 B; CH-47 A,B; CH-54 model A.


The following Airplanes and Models: O-1 A,E; T-41 B; T-42 A; U-6 A; U-8 D,F,G; U-9 B, JY; U-10 A,B,Floats; U-21 A; CV-2 B; C-12 A; C-45 J; and the C-47 models B,D,H, and J.


He had acquired more than 10,500 flight hours including over 2,100 combat hours and 4,200 hours as an instructor pilot and instrument examiner.


In summary, Bro. Valrey served tours of duty in Japan, Germany, two combat tours in Korea, one combat tour in the Dominican Republic, and two combat tours in Vietnam.  He served in times of peace and war for more than thirty (30) years.  He spent five (5) years of service eyeball to eyeball to opposition forces.


CW4 USA (Ret.) Cleveland Valrey, Master Parachutist and Master Army Aviator, retired from military service in January of 1977.

Additional Military Education

Serving on active duty, Bro. Valrey attended numerous military schools, a military-sponsored Conversational Japanese Language School course in Sendai, Japan in 1953, and a Conversational German Language Course in Munich, Germany in 1962.  He attended the University of Maryland, College Park. 

He took advance schooling at the F.A.A. Academy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California; Troy State University, Alabama; and the Army Aviation School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.  His final assignment was with Army Readiness Region IX, Flight Detachment, and Sixth United States Army Flight Detachment, Headquarters, Presidio of San Francisco, California.


Ranger Cleveland Valrey distinguished himself throughout his military career as a master Army aviator and soldier.  He was a role model during more than thirty years of exceptional and courageous service.

Bro. Valrey qualified for the second award of the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (1st award with 2nd Ranger Company (Abn) Korea 1950) and for an award of the Republic of Vietnam Master Parachutist Wings.

For his valorous actions in the Korean War, he was inducted into the U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame on July 7, 2005.  For his distinguished and valorous actions in the Vietnam War, he was inducted into the U.S. Army Aviation Hall of Fame on April 5, 2001.

He is a recipient of four Distinguished Flying Crosses (3OLC), three Bronze Stars: one with Valor Device (2OLC), five Army Commendation Medals: one with Valor Device (4OLC), a Purple Heart, fifty Air Medals: one with Valor Device (49OLC), a Good Conduct Medal (3rd Award), a National Defense Service Medal (1OLC); World War II Victory Medal, American Theater Campaign Medal, Army of Occupation Medal (Japan), a Korean Service Medal with six Battle Stars and Arrowhead, Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation (2nd Award), Korean War Service Medal (awarded on the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War on June 25, 2000), Korean Certificate of “AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE” Award W/Metal Pendant which was awarded in Seoul, Korea on February 20, 2003, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, a Vietnam Service Medal with nine Battle Stars (9 Campaigns), Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal W/60 Device, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry W/Palm (2nd Award), Vietnam Civil Action Medal (1st Class), Vietnam Master Parachutist Badge, Glider Badge, Distinguished Unit Citation (1OLC), Presidential Unit Citation (Navy), Navy Unit Citation, Valorous Unit Award (1OLC), Armed Forces Reserve Medal, United Nations Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge (2nd Award), Master Army Aviator Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, and three Meritorious Service Medals (2OLC).

Following retirement from military service in 1977, he worked for fifteen years as an Operations Coordinator for H. & H. Ship Service Company and H. & H. Environmental Services in San Francisco, California.

He continued his education earning an AA in Language Arts: Chinese and Japanese (High Honors) at Laney College in Oakland, California; B.A. in Ethnic Studies (Cum Laude) and an M.A. in History from California State University in Hayward, California; an M.A. in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California; a Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (Doctor of Humanities) at Payne Christian Academy, Bible Institute International, Jackson, Mississippi; and a Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land and Sea, Airplane Multiengine Land, Instruments, Airplane and Helicopter.

He is a life member of the Golden Key National Honor Society; a life member of the Alumni Association of California State University, Hayward; and is a life member of the Alumni Association of San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California.  As a lecturer he taught a course of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University from 2001-2002.

At Charlotte, North Carolina on April 5, 2001, Bro. Valrey was inducted into the United States Army Aviation Hall of Fame.  His portrait and military biographical information is displayed in The Hall of Fame at the United States Army Aviation Center and School at Fort Rucker, Alabama.


At Fort Benning, Georgia on July 7, 2005, Bro. Valrey was inducted into the United States Army Ranger Hall of Fame.  His portrait and military biographical information are displayed in The Hall of Fame at the Infantry Center and School at Fort Benning, Georgia.





~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Bro. Valrey is also a life member in the following organizations:

  • The American Legion
  • American Veterans (AMVETS)
  • Disabled American Veterans and a founding sponsor of the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation
  • Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) Association (RICA),
  • Korean War The Retired Officers Association
  • Army Aviation Association of America
  • Military Officers Association of America
  • Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
  • Worldwide Army Rangers, Inc. (WAR)
  • A National Associate of The Smithsonian Institution
  • A founding sponsor of the National Museum United States Army
  • A charter member of the National D-Day (World War II) Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

 ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Bro. Valrey’s Masonic endeavors are equally impressive

He was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in January of 2002 in Live Oak Lodge No. 61 Free and Accepted Masons located in Oakland, California.  He completed his third-degree proficiency in June of that year.  He is a life member.  He was Worshipful Master in December 2005 serving two consecutive year terms.  He served as Officers’ Coach from 2008 through 2015.  He served another one-year term in 2014.  He served on the Oakland Masonic Center Board representing various organizations that meet there: Live Oak Lodge No. 61, Oakland Commandery No. 11, Knights Templar of California and Oakland Council No. 12, Cryptic Masons of California.


He is an affiliated member of Benicia Lodge (Under Dispensation) of Benicia, California; and an affiliated member of Siminoff Daylight Lodge No. 850 which meets at the Masonic Home in Union City, California.


He attained his 32º, Master of the Royal Secret, in the Valley of Oakland of California Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction in May of 2002.


He was invested with the Knight Commander Court of Honor (KCCH) in October of 2007 and was invested with the title of Inspector General Honorary, 33° in 2019.


He serves as an Ex Officio Director on the Board of Directors of the Scottish Rite Temple Association of Oakland, California and a member of the Board of Directors for Oakland RiteCare (Childhood Language Development) Center.


He served as an Inspector for the Grand Lodge of California and Hawaii for District 309 from 2008 through 2011.

In the York Rite he is a life member of Oakland Commandery No. 11, Knights Templar of California; he served as Eminent Commander in 2010 and in 2014; he was the California State “Commander of the Year” in 2010; he is a Past High Priest of the Royal Arch Masons; a life member of Oakland Council No. 12, Cryptic Masons of California where he served as Illustrious Master in 2011; a life member of Oakland Chapter No. 36, Royal Arch Masons of California where he served as Excellent High Priest in 2010 and 2013; and a member of Siminoff Daylight Royal Arch Chapter No. 136.  He was inducted in San Francisco Priory No. 38, Knights of the York Cross of Honor (KYCH) in 2012.  He is also a member of Golden Redwood Priory No. 82, Knights of the York Cross of Honor.


He is a life member of the California Past Commanders’ Association, Knights Templar of California; life member of Grand Council; Thrice Illustrious Master of the State of California; and a life member of the Grand Convention, Order of High Priesthood, State of California.


He is a life member and a Past Governor of Arthur N. McBain Jr. York Rite College No. 111; a Past Sovereign Master of Mosabel Council No. 238, Allied Masonic Degrees and a past Warden of Bay Cities Council No. 164, Allied Masonic Degrees.


He is a Shriner (member of the Aahmes Divan of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine) and is in the Aahmes Legion of Honor of the International Association of Legions of Honor.


He is a past Standard Bearer of the St. Philip Conclave, Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine; Connemara Council No. 39 and Clanna Ruid Ruide Council No. 58, Knights Masons Golden State College, Masonic Societas Rosicruciana In Civitatibus Foederatis, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Prieses, Priestly Order of the Temple, New Covenant Tabernacle No. 68.


He is a Member In Perpetuity (MIP) of General Robert F. Travis Chapter No. 490 and Travis Golden West Camp, Heroes of ’76 (R), National Sojourners where he served as President in 2012.

He is a Past California State President of the Royal Order of Scotland, the Robert the Bruce Association 2015, and a Past Chief in 2013 of the Firth of Forth Clan, the Royal Order of Scotland.


He has served as President and currently serves as Chaplain of the High Twelve Club No. 2 in Oakland; he was Past State President of the California State Association of High Twelve Clubs from 2013-2014. He was awarded International High Twelvian of the Year award at the 97th Annual Convention, June 26, 2018 in Philadelphia PA.

He is a member and Past Patron of Oak Leaf Chapter No. 8 Order of the Eastern Star.

He was a Chairman of the Advisory Board and Past Rainbow Dad for Eden Assembly No. 11 International Order of Rainbow for Girls.


He has been a member of the Masters and Past Masters Association of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


He is a member of the National Sojourners, Aahmes Shrine, and Cryptic Masons.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

He was married to Kikuko Awata Valrey for fifty-six years until she passed away in 2006.  Their children: Rudy was born in 1953 in Hachinohe, Japan and Karl Felix was born in 1955 in Sendai, Japan; then son Richard Cleveland was born in 1956 at Fort Lewis, Tacoma, Washington as well as daughter Valerie Anna born in 1957; then son Michael Aaron was born in 1962 in Munich, Germany.


He has five grandsons: Richard Cleveland Valrey, Jr. (1978), William Cedric Smith, Jr. (1978), Michael Aaron Valrey, Jr. (1984), Joseph Jason Valrey (1995), and Samuel Cleveland Valrey (1998.)


He has two great granddaughters: Xion Phavia Valrey (2004) and Zuri Abiodun Valrey (2011.)

The family hosted a 90th birthday party for him on Zoom.


In order to honor other veterans, the Oakland Scottish Rite Valley recently created a Cleveland Valrey Meritorious Service Award.

All congratulations to Bro. Valrey are well deserved.

Jim Strehlow, Secretary-Treasurer
Oakland Club No.2, CA


Past Michigan State President, Now Most Worshipful Grand Master

A Past State President of The Michigan State Association of Masonic High Twelve Clubs has been installed at Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan.


Most Worshipful Brother Craig H. Maison, a member of Furniture City High Twelve Club No. 236, Alma-Pathways Masonic Home High Twelve Club No. 756, and Past President of The Michigan State Association of Masonic High Twelve became the Grand Master in August 2020 and will preside until May of 2021. The annual Grand Lodge Meeting for Michigan was postponed from May of 2020, to August, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Most Worshipful Brother Craig served as a Grand Lodge liaison to the Michigan Lodges for many years prior to becoming Grand Master. He is well known and respected throughout Michigan Lodges and is an Honorary Member of many Michigan Blue Lodges.


Most Worshipful Brother Craig is proud to be a High Twelvian and has been a strong supporter of the Wolcott Foundation.


The Grand Master appointed Worshipful Brother Michael E. Clark, Past Michigan State President, and current Wolcott Foundation Chairman, as a Grand Steward. Worshipful Brother Mike will visit Lodges in the West Michigan area promoting the use of an Almoner Box to be passed around at the end of each Lodge meeting Funds collected will be placed in the Lodge’s Almoner Fund to assist needy Lodge members.


We congratulate Most Worshipful Brother Craig H. Maison, on becoming Grand Master and wish his well during his time as Grand Master.


Columbus High Twelve Club #453 OH

Dear Brother Klienbach,

This summary report provides an overview of meetings held subsequently to the last formal meeting where club members and individuals from outside organizations made presentations. Covid-19 considerations created a disconnect at times of club meetings and associated attendance. A brief description of each presentation is provided below, followed by photos of the respective presenters and associated club members. The four (4) photos are numbered to coincide with the respective numbered presentations and are provided to you in separate emails. 

  • Presentation No.1: October 21,2019
    Presenter: Daniel S. Smith,  New England Lodge #4
    Topic: A historical review of whisky making and associated information.
    Photo No. 1. Club Historian Richard Snow on the left with presenter Daniel S. Smith on the right side.
  • Presentation No.2: October 28, 2019
    Discussion by dual club member Richard Rutter. Mr.Rutter is a member or our High Twelve No.453 and the High Twelve Club in Lena, Illinois where he and his wife Carol reside. Richard provided us with an overview of the Lena club activities during a visit back to Columbus.
    Photo No. 2:  Shows the Rutters with our club member Richard Snow on the left. 
  • Presentation No.3: October 28, 2019
    Presenter: Emilie Regula Hancock, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the Ohio Soybean Council.
    The presentation was about the uses of soybeans, research programs and products developed from soybeans.

    Photo No. 3 shows Mrs. Hancock in the middle, with club members John Spoff on the left and Tom Branscom on the right side.
  • Presentation No.4: November 11, 2019
    Presenter: Roger Wilson, our club No.453 Treasurer. Mr. Wilson provided us with an overview of the community of Minerva Park, Ohio, a central Ohio suburban community contiguous to Columbus, with an interesting history having original roots associated with an amusement park.
    Photo No. 4 shows Mr. Wilson.  (Missing not attached)

Thank you,
George Kirsch



Springfield Masonic Community High-12 Club #483 OH

Has been meeting via Zoom for the past four months.  Our particular challenge has been that our meeting place, on the campus of the Springfield Masonic Community, in Springfield, Ohio, has been closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


We’ve been reaching out to our members and inviting guest speakers.  We recently had the County Health Commissioner as our guest to explain what the COVID-19 situation in Clark County really was and what all residents need to do to protect themselves. We are also conducting officer installation via Zoom as well as normal business. Our election has been completed, but we still have one officer to install which we hope to do at our December Zoom meeting.


The First Vice President, Phil Hoffman, and Secretary, Joe Stewart, are beginning to explore acting as host to conduct Zoom meetings for other Ohio High Twelve Clubs which have been restricted from meeting in person by the pandemic. This is an effort to begin to stimulate new meetings after the restrictions have passed and we can once again meet in person.


Joseph S. Stewart II, Sec./Treas.
SMC High Twelve Club #483
3563 Kingsgate Ct
Springfield, OH 45503-6680
(407) 375-3059 voice and text


Lake Worth High Twelve Club #316 FL

Dear Br. Klienbach:

I am sending you a descriptions of this year’s Government Bee contest that was held per Instagram.

I am also sending two days of questions. If you wish you could add to the story, that the Lake Worth 

Club will be happy to share further details with any Club wanting to initiate a Government Bee Program.

Have a successful convention.  Bernhard Kainer, Secretary

High School Students BEE-coming Government Superstars 

High school students in Palm Beach County recently participated in a Government Bee to test their civics skills just before Election Day this year.  The educational contest, similar to a spelling bee, was conducted by the PBC School and sponsored by the Masonic High-Twelve Club of Lake Worth, and the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County.  Local high school teachers encouraged their students to enter the civics and U.S. Government trivia game to answer questions about our government and win monetary prizes.  Twenty-one students in five different schools were amongst those vying for the final round. 


The first Government Bee was held in 2016 with teams from grades 9-12 who met at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Lake Worth.             


This year’s academic-style contest was conducted on Instagram media because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Lori Dool, PBC Secondary Social Studies Program Planner, Department of K12 Curriculum, Palm Beach County School District, and a committee from the sponsoring bodies, devised five civics questions a day which were viewed on Instagram by participating students.  Each day the winners were listed on a leader board.  In the final round held the day before the National Elections, the leading students were given a specific time frame to submit ten answers and a tie-breaker response, which was, “As of 2019, the state of Illinois has the most counties, cities, towns, and other general local governments.  What is the difference between Illinois and Florida in terms of the number of local governments?” 

The Student winner from ( First) the West Boca Raton Community High School and ( Second) the Spanish River High School, were awarded monetary prizes by the Masonic High-Twelve Club of Lake Worth and the PBC League of Women Voters.  Their teachers were also awarded a prize. 


Next year’s contest will be announced at a future date.   

Contact:Lori Dool
Secondary Social Studies Program Planner
Department of K-12 Curriculum

Palm Beach County School District


Fostoria High Twelve Club #676 OH

Has been meeting the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays since August with a few members and guests attending. We have postponed any meetings in December due to all in-person Masonic meetings in the state of Ohio being cancelled. We will start again in January 2021.

Ken Foy


Eastgate High Twelve Club #728 OH

The Eastgate 728 club started meeting again this summer at Amelia Lodge since our normal location closed due to Covid. We have been meeting outside in a covered picnic area at the Lodge. We started with 15 members present & have increased to almost 20 members. We had our election of Officers & have a full slate. A picture is attached. In September we moved to a small family run restaurant just up the street. We average about 15 / 18 members so far with everyone enjoying their time together.


Since the Covid numbers are running very high in the State of Ohio, I cancelled our November & December meeting & will take another look in January 2021. A luncheon is not worth getting someone sick or worse.


On November22, Our Grand Master closed down all Masonic Lodge, Associations & Clubs until December 31, 2020 due to the increased Covid numbers throughout the state. Will take a look after the first of the year.


Well that is it for now, The Eastgate 728 Club would like to wish Everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving & a Very Merry Christmas & a Safe & Healthy New Year.


Jerry Lacy,  President

Left to right:  Karl Phillips, Terry Margeson 1st V.P., John Wills, Chaplain, Vic Vogel, 2nd V.P., Mike Phillips, Secretary / Treasurer, & seated, Jerry Lacy, Club President.