(20201222) Виртуален орден Sapere Aude: Seasonal Greetings from Sapere Aude

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(20201222) Виртуален орден Sapere Aude: Seasonal Greetings from Sapere Aude

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Speakers,


It has been extraordinary year full of unexpected challenges that turned out a tragedy to hundreds of thousands of families around the world due to COVID-19. Whole world has been shut down and mostly locked in the houses. Contemporary technologies came along to safeguard some sort of communication which now trends to be the main one even after 9-10 months of pandemic circumstances.


The challenges have faced the world Freemasonic society and virtual meetings have become almost the only contact opportunity, especially, on early days of the pandemic. The series of Sapere Aude lectures have emerged as spontaneous response what seemed back then a temporary and strange measure turned out to be one among very unique educational activity among some other initiatives that not only created the opportunities to meet so many interesting lecturers and enrich the knowledge on masonic topics while staying at home alone (in many cases) but also created a space to bring together so many like-minded men and women from different masonic families and nations that would not otherwise ever meet or talk to each other. The unique opportunity led us all to learn more about each other, different national features, history, development, and esoteric part of Freemasonry. I could write endlessly of so many positive feedbacks received from around the world that Sapere Aude has had an impact on.


Dear esteemed and honorable Speakers,


On behalf od the international audience of Sapere Aude, I once again express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your time and invaluable efforts dedicated to all of us in these troubling times! You have made our freemasonic community stronger and contributed to its sapience and development. We together have created the video-audio content for generations to enjoy. We have extended our discussions to the public in general and assured them of the values freemasons act upon.


May coming New Year 2021 bring to you and your loved ones, to our fraternity and society we live in Peace, Prosperity, Love, Tolerance, Prudence, Freedom, Health and Safety for we all saw how much we all are interconnected as the World! May you enjoy these Seasonal Holidays with your close ones in Harmony and Joy! May we all be blessed with Love and Wisdom in 2021! You are most welcome to my Georgia anytime circumstances allow you! Sincere and Fraternal Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia!


These Speakers have been hosted in Sapere Aude and they have influenced the lives and journey of 1500 e-mail subscribers, 900 members of the groups, 55’000 viewers on YouTube, 1900 Subscribers of YouTube, 650 Subscribers and 700 followers of Facebook:


1 Bro. Adam Kendall 17 Bro. Felipe Corte Real 33 Bro. Jorge Henrique Valle dos Santos 49 Bro. Renan Mengu
2 Bro. Adrian Mac Liman 18 Bro. Fred Evrard 34 Bro. Jose Gabriel Benitez Cabrera 50 Bro. Richard Berman
3 Bro. Andreas Onnerfors 19 Bro. Glen Cook 35 Bro. Josef Wages 51 Bro. Richard Mehta
4 Bro. Angel Millar 20 Bro. Gustavo Patuto 36 Bro. Julian Rees 52 Bro. Robert Bashford
5 Bro. Bharat V Epur 21 Bro. Ian Currans 37 Bro. Leon Zeldis 53 Bro. Robert Cooper
6 Bro. Christian Torres Miranda 22 Bro. Istvan Horvath 38 Bro. Maged Fahmi 54 Bro. Rui Ribeiro
7 Bro. Christine Chapman 23 Bro. Jacques Huyghebaert 39 Bro. Martin Faulks LGR 55 Bro. Savino Batanov
8 Bro. Christopher Earnshaw 24 Bro. James Morgan III 40 Bro. Mauricio Leyva Castrejon 56 Bro. Tony Harvey
9 Bro. Chunk Dunning 25 Bro. Jason Richards 41 Bro. Michael Kearsley 57 Bro. Troy Spreeuw
10 Bro. David Barrett 26 Bro. Jean-Louis de Biasi 42 Bro. Mircea Bucin 58 Bro. Walter Hunt
11 Bro. David Cameron 27 Bro. Jedediah French 43 Bro. Mohab Fahmi 59 Bro. William Sardone
12 Bro. David Harrison 28 Bro. Joanisval Goncalves 44 Bro. Moises Gomez 60 John Dickie
13 Bro. David Slater 29 Bro. Joaquim Grave dos Santos 45 Bro. Oscar Alleyne 61 Michael Kellogg
14 Bro. Dimiter Mandradjiev 30 Bro. John Hairston Bey 46 Bro. P. Venkatraman 62 Sist. Cleo Bostic
15 Bro. Eden Charles Reeves II 31 Bro. John Meek 47 Bro. Rabih Jarmakani 63 Sist. Daiva Milinkeviciute
16 Bro. Emre Kiricioglu 32 Bro. Jonathan Hirshon 48 Bro. Randy Sanders 64 Sist. Sasha Chaitow





David Chichinadze



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