Are you a Seeker? Are you seeking Light?

LightHouseIf you are a man who wants to become a better man in his deeds and believe in the Lord God, you can become part of us. Prior to this, it is REQUIRED to READ AND UNDERSTAND the following text: PRESS HERE TO READ THE TEXT

There is 1 way for you to become part of us – to be one of us, you have to ask one of us.

Choose the city in which you want to be part of the Great Creation of the Universal Brotherhood.

Seek a Brother Master Mason to guarantee for you.

There will be time with an indefinite period of assessment of your actions in the profane world.

You will need to provide a biography and a conviction certificate with statement ” THE PERSON HAS A CLEAN COURT RECORD”



Settlements in which GLAFAMBG work (the number of craft lodges is bigger than the one shown on the map, due to having more than 1 craft lodge in the same settlement):