The Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Bulgaria since February 2020 in pursuance of the Decision of the MW GM for the continuation of the development of additional structures complementing the symbolic 3 degrees, created the Bulgarian branch of High Twelve International. Thus, GL AF&AM Bulgaria became part of the large family of Masonic entities that are members of and develop High Twelve International. Its first Bulgarian member is Br. Dimiter Mandradjiev from the Akhenaten lodge 43.

More about High Twelve International:

High Twelve is an organization of Master Masons who support Masonic causes with special emphasis on youth support and patriotic events. There are over 5,000 members in over 170 clubs nationwide and in foreign countries. High Twelve is dedicated to the unification of Master Masons, independent of the formal ritual of Lodge, but dedicated to service to the fraternity. Just a few or our accomplishments have been to develop long lasting friendships, encourage and support our public school systems and participate in constructive community activities and to preserve the principles of good government based on the rights of the individual.

Although only Master Masons can join High Twelve, anyone is welcome at the meetings. A typical meeting is brief in its business, full of fellowship, and includes a program usually a speaker, on a limitless range of subjects. High Twelve, which is a social extension of the Masonic experience, is so named because long ago, noon was known as “high twelve” and the time to call off from labor for refreshment. Accordingly, many High Twelve clubs – but not all – meet at noon. There is no ritual; but it strongly encourages its members to be active in their lodges and their communities.

High Twelve International affords valuable assistance to the Blue Lodges in whatever manner it is most needed. High Twelve International is Masonry in Action in the community where each Club holds its meetings and in the State where the several clubs are banded together in common purpose. High Twelvians adhere strictly to Masonic Law of that jurisdiction. We combine fellowship with helping others in their quality of life pursuits, particularly young adults and youth. The club’s two philanthropic objectives are youth and education, strongly supporting the Order of DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters and the Wolcott Foundation that was established to provide scholarships for students at George Washington University who seek public service careers in government.

Curremtly (July 19, 2022) from Bulgaria, members of the organization are MW IPGM Bro Plamen Mateev and RW Bro Dimiter Mandradjiev.

High Twelvian Magazine

The High Twelvian Magazine is the Official publication of High Twelve International and is published semi annually.  Articles of interest should be submitted to the International Office via email at  Pictures are always welcome and please identify all persons in the photo along with a description of the event.  All pictures and articles submitted become the property of High Twelve International and the Editor reserves the right to edit the articles as needed for publication.

Articles and photographs need to be submitted by October 15th for the Fall issue and March 1st for the Spring/Convention issue. You can find the past volumes here.

News related to the work of High Twelve International: