The Virtues of a Freemason


Freemasonry is the world’s largest free movement of men who gather together to work together for their intellectual improvement and to support the moral strength of mankind, including honesty, equality and charity. We observe the golden ethical rule of not doing to others what we do not want them to do to us. We are convinced that the value of a person is measured not according to his ethnicity, religion and social status, but by his dignity.

Freemasonry requires its members to respect the laws of the country in which they live and work. Thus, the principles and philosophy of Freemasonry help our brothers to fulfill their public and personal duties much more responsibly.

Freemasonry is a brotherhood organization. The relations between the members of the lodges are frankly honest and equal. Social status loses its importance in the life of the lodge. Tolerance towards each brother’s views is a law.

Free Masons show charity with respect not only to their loved ones, but also to the whole of society with the means of charity or personal help.

Every free Mason has confirmed his faith in God and in the immortality of the soul, and firmly uphold the full freedom of religion.

So far as talks on religion and politics rarely cause disagreements among people, these topics are forbidden to be discussed within the Masonic Lodge.

We, the Freemasons, are people motivated by the pursuit of spiritual and moral improvement.

The Freemasonic understanding of spirituality as a whole is within the framework of the social convention, but does not include prescriptions on the direction of the development of inner spiritual peace. For us, however, it has been the rule of reluctance to seek knowledge and perseverance in seeking answers (and the meanings of them) of great philosophical and existential issues.

The Freemason is a free man with good manners, a friend of the poor and of the rich, if they are virtuous. In this expression, “free man,” we call one who, being dead for the precursors of trivial, has revived himself for the new life he receives by the act of Initiation. When we say that a Freemason is “a friend of the poor and of the rich, if they are virtuous,” we emphasize that we assess the individual qualities of the people, predominantly according to their moral qualities. We choose above all Justice and Truth.

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