(20240328) FMT – Issue 65 – March 2024

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(20240328) FMT – Issue 65 – March 2024

Issue 65 – March 2024

Building Together

The new UGLE narrative

Implementing the Strategy
Blueprint for Success

Freemasons across the UK share the positive outcomes of implementing UGLE’s Strategy to reinforce and revitalise the membership.

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Embracing Change

UGLE’s Chief Information Officer Hugh Douglas-Smith talks about an online membership system that will enrich the Masonic experience.

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Championing Inclusivity

Warwickshire Freemasons’ work with an autism charity raises questions about whether autistic people within Freemasonry might need more support.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Freemasonry

The hosts of Craftcast sit down with Lodge Secretary David Leask to discuss the distinctive rituals and unique symbolism of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge.

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Royal Arch
A Resource for Royal Arch Chapters

Back in November, Paul Renton presented plans for the new resource tool Archway to Supreme Grand Chapter.

Out & About
Provincial and District news