(20220713) UGLE: Manchester Level Club: Third Rising – July 2022 Edition

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(20220713) UGLE: Manchester Level Club: Third Rising – July 2022 Edition

Hello & welcome to the July edition of the Third Rising from MLC where we have tried to capture all the things that are happening within the club.


From The Chequered Pavement to The Chequered Flag

The July social saw members swapping the chequered pavement for dreaming of being the first across the chequered flag! An evening of karting had 15 adrenaline filled brethren racing against each other, with a number of spin outs & black flags. The race was won by a future prospective candidate & father to Craig Pattison with a fastest lap of the evening 35.6 seconds.

Our August social has now been announced & coincides with the new season of Learning Sessions. The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that on Saturday 13th August we will be heading to Junkyard Golf. If you fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods, then register now & we look forward to seeing there.

Come Golfing

Fancy An 85 Mile Challenge?

We are planning on walking an 85 mile route, coast to coast along Hadrians wall, unsupported in aid of the 2026 MCF Festival. Starting at Bowness on 18th August and heading east to Wallsend Masonic Hall, hoping to finish by the afternoon of the 22nd.

Carrying all our own gear and camping equipment, and completing what will essentially be three consecutive marathons – this wont be for the feint of heart!

There will be a ‘training day’ just to make sure we are comfortable with the distances & weight which is likely to be a 10 mile day then wild camping for a single night.

I’d like to know more

Entered Apprentice & Beyond

Recently we spoke with Aaron from Maccabee Lodge 8947 (that meets in Manchester Masonic Hall), about his journey into Freemasonry. Aaron has recently undergone his Passing to Fellow Craft and this is what he had to… read more


The Learning Sessions Are Back

After 100 weeks of on-line Learning Sessions, we are excited to be heading back to the Lodge room with WBro Philip Titterton!

We have 2 special in-person sessions planned for Saturday 13th August & 3rd September. The content for both sessions are around getting us “Lodge Ready” for when the new season commences. Knowing Pip, there will be plenty of other debates & interesting facts shared also.

Registration is now open on the link below if you’d like to attend & get involved. We will be hanging around after for a social too.

Register Here

Fancy a Masonic Binge?

Don’t forget we have our very own MLC Netflix! All 44 learning sessions are available to watch again, binge or do some research on an upcoming piece of ritual that perhaps you’ve been asked to deliver. You’ll also find the slide packs there too along with some handy tips on how to prepare for a Festive Board toast.

To access the MLC Members Hub, visit the MLC website

Visit MLC Website

Teddies for Loving Care

To mark the end of the on-line Learning Sessions, we presented WBro Philip Titterton with his very own illustration by Gerald Sclater.

Pip uses Gerald’s Freemasonry illustrations throughout the sessions which often humours Masonic situations, whilst raising funds for Teddies for Loving Care. TLC initiative provides unique cuddly bears to A&E departments for medical staff to give at their discretion to young children.

Check out the both Geralds & Teddies for Loving Care great work.

TLC Website

A BIG Weekend September Social

Our September Social is open & for this one we’ve teamed up with our friends from the Young & New Masons Social, to bring you this event.

We have a packed weekend planned, including a Lodge visit with Festive Board, in person Masonic learning session, bowling, food & fun at Lane7 & a ‘cultural’ bar tour around the city! You can go all in, or just pick which best suits you.

To sign up, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch shortly to gather payment from you, but we will do the rest.

Register Here

Did you hear a pin drop?

We did as the MLC lapel pin has just dropped in to our online shop! What a great way to start a conversation with other MLC members as you wear your distinctive pin with pride & stand out from the crowd. Whilst you’re there, check out our other branded merchandise too!

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