(20220703) UGLE: Manchester Level Club: Daily Advancement Summer Special

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(20220703) UGLE: Manchester Level Club: Daily Advancement Summer Special

Daily Advancement Summer Special

Hello & welcome to the summer special from Manchester Level Club on Daily Advancement. With most of us now beginning to slow down for the summer break in Freemasonry, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to signpost a number of tools that are available all year round to help you remain connected to your Masonry, whilst also taking a Daily Advancement in Masonic knowledge.

Everything Is NOT Closed For Summer!

Although it may feel like it, not everything has closed for summer. There are some Lodges that continue to meet & plenty of social events happening around the Province & UK. If you would like to visit a lodge or get involved in the some of the MLC Socials that happen most months, feel free to reach out to a member of the team or your Lodge Mentor.


Is It The Return Of The Learning Sessions?

June saw the final Learning Session for term 5. Over a 100 weeks, 44 on-line sessions were delivered & saw various topics covered & bow-ties modelled by WBro Philip Titterton. The session was closed in the traditional style of toasts delivered by a number of the regular attendees from across the UK and the Toast to Friendship from Paul & Hiten.

It may have signalled the end of the online version, but also the return of the in-person sessions. Plans are well underway for the sessions to return to the Lodge Room on Saturday 13th August & 3rd September. Look out for updates on this coming really soon.


MLC Members Hub

Ever been on a Zoom call & heard that announcement that the session is being recorded? When we have the MLC Learning Sessions we do exactly that, so that you can either revisit a session further down the line, or catch-up when its more convenient to you.

We have our very own MLC Netflix! All 44 session are available to watch again, binge or do some research on a upcoming piece of ritual that perhaps you’ve been asked to deliver. You’ll also find the slide packs there too along with some handy tips on how to prepare for a Festive Board toast.

To access the MLC Members Hub, visit the MLC website

Visit MLC Website

UGLE’s Solomon

Solomon is UGLE’s online, searchable repository of nuggets, papers, presentations, demonstrations, Q&As and quizzes.

These can all be used for your personal study or shared in lodge, chapter, or a lodge or chapter of instruction.

Solomon is free and open for anyone to use. It can be accessed via any device.

Simply register, enrol on the relevant modules and then browse, search and download any material you need.

Check out Solomon

A BIG Weekend September Social

Our September Social is open & for this one we’ve teamed up with our friends from the Young & New Masons Social, to bring you this event.

We have a packed weekend planned, including a Lodge visit with Festive Board, in person Masonic learning session, bowling, food & fun at Lane7 & a ‘cultural’ bar tour around the city! You can go all in, or just pick which best suits you.

To sign up, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch shortly to gather payment from you, but we will do the rest.

Register Here

Did you hear a pin drop?

We did as the MLC lapel pin has just dropped in to our online shop! What a great way to start a conversation with other MLC members as you wear your distinctive pin with pride & stand out from the crowd. Whilst you’re there, check out our other branded merchandise too!

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