(20220111) R.I.P.: Thomas W. Jackson Passes Away

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(20220111) R.I.P.: Thomas W. Jackson Passes Away

Dear Brothers,

Another devotee of Masonic authority has passed to the Grand Chancery.

His comments and findings for the advancement of Freemasonry can be found on almost any page on the Internet.

One of the most regular participants from our country in his participation in the events of the Rubicon Association at the Kentucky High School is Brother Danny.

The last achievements of Brother Thomas were related to the recognition of two major Masonic formations in Brazil, which was the basis for their union. Together we are looking for the reasons for the unfavorable trends in Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry, and this process will continue, but without his participation it will require a greater responsibility from all who are concerned about this topic.

R.I.P.: Thomas W. Jackson has passed away.

Bro. Plamen