(20201025) 142 years Bulgarian Red Cross serves the people

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(20201025) 142 years Bulgarian Red Cross serves the people

October 25, 2020 marks 142 years since the founding of the first Red Cross Society in Bulgaria. On this day the Bulgarian Red Cross celebrates its establishment.
Our mission is to be where trouble, pain and suffering are.
Today, as the world and Bulgaria struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, the participation of each of us is essential. The Bulgarian Red Cross, as always, stands side by side with the state in this battle. The entire resource of our organization is engaged in actions aimed at assisting the country in its efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Our volunteers are also at the forefront, providing daily support to the most vulnerable and vulnerable groups in society, to the sick and lonely.
The strength of the Bulgarian Red Cross for 142 years is in upholding the fundamental principles of the Red Cross – neutrality, humanity, impartiality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality. According to the Geneva Conventions, the Bulgarian Red Cross assists the state and supports its structures in eliminating the consequences of disasters, accidents and catastrophes. Volunteers and employees of the organization unreservedly help to overcome the effects of disasters, support and care for victims, provide humanitarian assistance to needy groups in society, provide food under the European program for the most vulnerable socially disadvantaged citizens, work selflessly in the field of first aid and psychosocial support. The mountain rescuers of the Bulgarian Red Cross are ready around the clock to rescue injured and lost people in the mountains, and the Water Rescue Service of the organization prepares rescuers to ensure safety around water areas, works hard with children and students to create swimming skills and adequate response to water incidents.
Today over 200,000 volunteers and members of the Bulgarian Red Cross celebrate their holiday. This is the army that makes good.