(20120814) Recognition from Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming, USA

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(20120814) Recognition from Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming, USA

(20120814) Recognition from Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming, USA


Wyoming 2012 – Granted full recognition to the Grand Lodge of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus. Took no action on GLNF. Granted visitation rights to Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alaska. 



2020 – information provided by RW Bro. Beynon St. John, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge A F & A M of Wyoming 

Beynon St. John via grandlodgebulgaria.org
Mon, Sep 28, 7:49 PM (14 hours ago)
to international, Grand

Dear Brother Mandradjiev,

Thank you for checking on the status of the recognition with your Grand Lodge. We currently do not recognize your Jurisdiction.
I have attached the synopsis of the Annual Communication held in 2015 when we withheld recognition and in 2018 when we again deferred recognition.
I have also attached the reports of the Fraternal Correspondence and Recognition Committee for those years stating their reasons for withholding
recognition. If you have resolved the issues cited in the reports, please re-apply for recognition. Our next Annual Communication is scheduled for
August of 2021.


Beynon St. John, Grand Secretary

Grand Lodge A F & A M of Wyoming

PO Box 1328

Lander, WY 82520-1328

(307) 330-6214

2020 – answer:


Dear RW Bro Beynon St. John,
Please receive our gratitude for your input. We have posted this information in our archive and our online current status information on the website of the GL AF&AM in Bulgaria in the section for the relations with your highly respected Grand Lodge of Wyoming (more here: http://www.grandlodgebulgaria.org/bg/?p=7014&lang=en ).
Concerning the information which we can provide as an update for the points made by the FRATERNAL CORRESPONDENCE AND RECOGNITION COMMITTEE of the GL of Wyoming, here it is:
1. – as of June 13, 2015 the agreement with the AASR is confirmed by the GL AF&AM in Bulgaria and since that time we enjoy mutual brotherly love and harmony (more at: http://www.grandlodgebulgaria.org/bg/?p=313&lang=en);
2. – as of June 18, 2016 the 3 Grand Lodges: GL AF&AM in Bulgaria, GL of Bulgaria and GL AASR of Bulgaria mutually recognize and share the jurisdiction in a convent named National United Grand Lodges of Bulgaria. The 3 GLs recognize all Brothers in the jurisdiction. (more at: http://www.nuglb.bg/);
3. – the abovementioned Masonic entities work together in harmony and Brotherly love.
We would like to ask for our recognition status to be reinstated by the GL of Wyoming. We would like to receive information about your Grand Representative to our GL.
With warm fraternal regards,
Bro. Dimiter Mandradjiev
Plenipotentiary Assistant Secretary for International Activities
Plenipotentiary Assistant Secretary for Public Relations
Chancery of The Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Bulgaria led by the M∴W∴ G∴M∴ Bro∴ Krasimir Martinov
Registered in 1997 as a union of masonic lodges, successor of the Grand Lodge of Bulgaria with light brought by the United Grand Lodges of Germany.
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News related to the work between GL AF&AM in Bulgaria and GL AF&AM of Wyoming, USA: