(20040524) IN THE PRESS: The three most influential Freemasons in the world visited Veliko Tarnovo

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(20040524) IN THE PRESS: The three most influential Freemasons in the world visited Veliko Tarnovo

The guests visited the Arcus American College and engaged in direct dialogue with their colleagues

The three most influential Masons in the world visited Veliko Turnovo during an official three-day visit to our country. Ronald Seal, the Supreme Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, arrived to meet with senior Bulgarian bricklayers. The delegation included the second man of the US Supreme Council, Lieutenant Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Southern Jurisdiction Curtis Lancaster and the head of Masonic structures in NATO Orient Robert Woodward. It was the highest level of visitation in the world Masonic hierarchy.

The delegation arrived in Veliko Tarnovo on 23 May. Previously, at Sofia Airport it was welcomed by Sovereign Grand Commander of Bulgaria Peter Kalpakchiev and members of the Bulgarian Supreme Council, which hosted the overseas guests.

Before the first official dinner, which was held at Arbanassi Palace, the guests met with the Regional Governor of Veliko Turnovo Krasimir Genchev. Original Bulgarian icons were part of the gifts that Genchev presented to the guests. The same day, Ronald Seale, Curtis Lancaster and Robert Woodward visited Arcus College. The guests engaged in direct dialogue with the students, who gladly took on the role of guides in the school, said the director of the college, Peter Ivanov. In the talks, the children discussed the possibilities for their future development, the problems of young people in Bulgaria and their peers in America, examined and compared the sites of American Masons and the college. The Freemasons did not hide their astonishment Before departing the Sovereign Commander-in-Chief of the American Masons Ronald Seal signed the Honor book of the American College Arcus.

Just at the feast of Slavonic writing, an official meeting of the Americans with all members of the Scottish ritual in Orient Bulgaria took place at Arbanassi Palace, which included more than 180 high-ranking Freemasons from Bulgaria.

From Veliko Turnovo, the delegation traveled to Varna, where Ronald Seal was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa Award at the Naval High School. At a ceremony, Commander-in-Chief Ronald Seale and his companions Curtis Lancaster and Robert Woodward were honored with the Honorable Mention of the Supreme Council of Bulgaria in the Ivan Vedar 33 ° Order. With the highest award, named after the founder of Bulgarian Freemasonry, distinguished are the Freemasons who contributed to Bulgaria’s inclusion in the world democratic community and help to protect Bulgarian interests throughout the land.

The Supreme Council of America is the most respected non-governmental organization with the largest lobbying opportunities among government institutions. There is almost no US president who does not come from the Masons community. / Yantra today