(20100414) Протокол/ Бележки от НВУ Бр проф. д-р Рюдигер Темплин

Новина 919 от 1165

Minutes / Notes

[drawn by the MW Br Prof. Dr.Rüdiger Templin, the
Grand Master of the United Grand Lodges of Germany]

regarding recent meetings and mediated talks between

– United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria (GM Grigorii Vazov
/ GS Chavdar Selveliev)


– Grand Lodge AFAM in Bulgaria (GM Volodya Lozanov
/ AGM Mario Tagarinsky)


Rüdiger Templin, GM UGLsG

Tom Jackson, GS GM WC


(at times, in the presence of Mario Guia, GM LGL

1st talk

(2010-02-21, Hotel Marriott Crystal Gateway,
Arlington, VA, USA)

Topical issues:

1) How to overcome the GLL schism in Bulgaria

2) Existence of two GLL a historical fact; only UGLB
enjoying world-wide recognition

3) Points of agreement

4) Points of dissension

re 1)

a) Both GMM interested in overcoming the schism.
The GL AFAM the more so because of their lack of
international recognition.

b) Both parties agreed that their talks only concern
the 3 Craft Degrees, which should be completely independent of the AASR/Scottish Rite.

re 2)

Having both been newly elected to their offices, the
GMM accept as a fact UGLB’s privileged position
with respect to international recognition.

re 3)

a) For the first time, the two Bulgarian GLL in the
persons of their GMM, showed willingness to meet
and talk officially about how to overcome their

b) Having made the meeting possible, the presence
of two mediators is considered helpful in conjunction
with international brotherly support.

c) It would be preferable if pertinent brotherly
support and future mediators came from European
GLL (as in the present instance from UGLsG, Mother
GL of Bulgarian Freemasonry).

re 4)

a) The UGLB considers the strong increase in GL
AFAM’s membership a consequence of irregular
acquisition of brethren through hastened initiation
without monitors and no times of waiting between

b) AASR’s influence on Blue Lodges a deteriorating
factor which tends to deepen the schism.

c) Likewise, the irregular attempt to become politically
influential in Bulgarian society.

d) The given degree of incompatibility between the
GLL a consequence of the above-mentioned aspects
of irregularity on the part of GL AFAM.

e) GL AFAM denies any serious degree of incompatibility.
Since his taking office, the GL AFAM’s new
GM has endeavoured to strictly obey all aspects of

2nd talk

(2010-02-23, Hotel Marriott Crystal Gateway, Arlington,

(separate talk between GM Rüdiger Templin and GL
AFAM’s GM Volodya Lozanov and AGM Mario Tagarinski)

Topical issues:

1) GM Lozanov provides proof of his GL’s insistence
on regularity:

– membership cards for new Brethren

– at least one monitor for every new brother

– time of waiting for candidates 6 to 12 months, for
Entered Apprentices 12 months, for Master Masons
12 months

2) GM declares his willingness to talk to, and cooperate
with, UGLB both in Arlington and in Bulgaria,
now and in future, with or without mediators.

3) There should be no conditions discriminating
against GL AFAM brethren who wish to join UGLB.

3rd talk

(same date, same venue)

(separate talk between GM Rüdiger Templin and
UGLB’s GM Grigori Vazov and GS Chavdar Selveliev)

Topical issues:

1) UGLB is a regular GL enjoying widespread international
recognition. It sees a possible unification
only in terms of allowing individual brethren or lodges
to join its ranks provided conditions of regularity
are fulfilled.

2) UGLB is ready and willing to meet GL AFAM’s
new leadership for further talks, with or without
mediators, in Bulgaria or elsewhere.

3) A stipulated co-operation with the AASR should
only be established after the unification of the two

4) As the existing treaty between the GL AFAM and
the Scottish Rite/Southern Jurisdiction has been
suspended for the time being, negotiating a new
treaty should indeed wait till after the unification.

5) A unification after the German model of a
“United Grand Lodges” is considered unacceptable.
The mediator proposes the Czech model for consideration.

4th talk

(same date, same venue)

(second joint talk between Bulgarian representatives
of both GLL and mediators Templin and Jackson)

Topical issues:

1) GL AFAM profess their allegiance to the principle
of regularity and provide circumstantial proof (see
2nd talk)

2) GL AFAM declare their willingness for further
talks on Masonic unity or unification in Bulgaria, especially
regarding fixed criteria for “regularising”
individual brethren (no unfair discrimination).

3) UGLB consent to pertinent talks.

4) UGLB take note of GL AFAM’s new structures and
regularity routine.

5) Both GLL accept mediation by European brethren,
preferably UGLsG, but UGLE or GNLF also possible.


Throughout this first official round of talks between
the Bulgarian UGL and GL AFAM, both newly
elected GMM have demonstrated and expressed
their willingness to further discuss the problems
and possibilities of a rapprochement between, or
even a unification of, their two GLL.

Arlington, VA, USA


Rüdiger Templin