(20100129) GL AF&AM in Bulgaria supports the BG Red Cross campaign for relief and help for Haiti (+GAL)

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(20100129) GL AF&AM in Bulgaria supports the BG Red Cross campaign for relief and help for Haiti (+GAL)

Today, a donation meeting was held at the headquarters of the Bulgarian Red Cross for the benefit of Haitians affected by the devastating disaster
Today, an impressive donation meeting was held at the headquarters of the Bulgarian Red Cross in favor of the Haitians affected by the devastating disaster at the BRC’s Appeal to raise funds in solidarity with the millions of suffering.
The Chairman of the Bulgarian Red Cross Hristo Grigorov, the Director General Dr. Sofia Stoimenova and the members of the National Council of the Organization welcomed in the Museum Hall of the BRC representatives of various organizations and societies in Bulgaria:

* Rumen Ralchev – Grand Prior of the Grand Priory Bulgaria of the Knights Templar Order of Jerusalem;
* Volodya Lozanov – Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Old, Free and Accepted Masonry in Bulgaria;
* Stefan Nikolov – Grand Master of the International Christian Order “Holy Equal King Tsar Boris-Mikhail the Baptist”;
* Prof. Dr. Venko Alexandrov – Grand Commander-in-Chief of the Combined International Masonic Order “Droa Yumen”;
* Assoc. Prof. Nikola Ikonomov – Chairman of the Bulgarian Federation of the Mixed International Masonic Order;
* Katya Stoichkova – Director for Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia at Zonta;
* Plamen Minev – District Governor District 2482 Rotary Bulgaria;
* Kalcho Hinov – Vice President of Rotary Leadership Institute for Central, Eastern Europe, European Russia and Israel;
* Ivan Sazdov – Founding President of St. John’s Lions Club – Sofia;
* His Excellency Archon Slavi Binev;
* His Eminence Metropolitan Dometian of Vidin

They all shared that they were united by one common cause – to help the distressed and suffering Haitian people. A donation campaign and fundraising among the members of their organizations has started, which will be transferred to the BRC fundraising account.

N.P. Rumen Ralchav, in his address, said: “Despite the differences in the philosophies we profess, humanity, charity, has gathered us here. Today we combine the traditions that the Bulgarian Red has and our opportunities. The reason is Haiti, but a new thinking about donation must be born here. “

N.P. Plamen Minev shared: “This should be a forum to direct our common efforts. We need to unite not only this current cause, but to conclude framework agreements in order to be as useful and effective as possible in the non-governmental sector. We have many traditions in charity and we must work together and revive this genuine Bulgarian value. “

N.P. Archon Slavi Binev, a longtime donor to the BRC, addressed all those present: “Today we are uniting around a new morality and neglecting centuries-old problems between our organizations to help brothers and sisters in need. At the same time, we are helping people in Bulgaria find a good start in themselves, and people around the world to understand that Bulgarians are a compassionate and dignified people. “

His Eminence Metropolitan Dometian conferred the blessing on the universal endeavor of His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim and the support of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and its Holy Synod. Grandfather Dometian told the parable of the Good Samaritan and also addressed: “It is an honor for me to welcome this noble initiative, for which we thank the Bulgarian Red Cross. The Red Cross is close to the cross of Christ – a symbol of faith and hope. The Holy Gospel says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be pardoned.” The Bulgarian Orthodox Church is the mother-nourisher of the spiritual values ​​of the Bulgarians. I urge all Bulgarian citizens, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, to support this good deed and to fit into the moral history of our people with another worthy gesture. “

Dr. Sofia Stoimenova told about the large-scale operation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Haiti, where over 10,000 volunteers of our international network are currently employed.

Mr. Hristo Grigorov closed the meeting with the assurance that our people this time will prove their moral virtues and will come out with dignity from the BRC’s campaign for the benefit of the victims in Haiti.

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