(20171010) Greetings from the UGLs of Serbia

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(20171010) Greetings from the UGLs of Serbia

Greeting letter from the PGM of UGLsS MW Br. Vladimir Markovic

Council of the Grand Masters of the  Nationally United Grand Lodges of Bulgaria

Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Bulgaria

MW GM Bro. Nikolay Stanchev


Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons in Bulgaria

MW GM Bro. prof. Plamen Mateev, PhD


Grand Lodge of Bulgaria

MW GM Bro. Atanas Yalamov



On behalf of the brothers from United Grand Lodges of Serbia, I would like to congratulate your anniversary and to wish you a lot of success in further work on strengthening Freemasonry and society in general.

This anniversary and its celebration is especially significant for the Brotherhood of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as for further strengthening and preservation of traditions of Freemasonry.

Unfortunately, I am not able to attend this event, but I am sure that in the near future we will have a lot of opportunities for our mutual visits and stronger connection and cooperation between our Grand Lodges.

I hope that we will continue to work together for better understanding and expanding our ideas in the interest of mankind and its progression.

With Kind Fraternal Regards,

Vladimir Marković, PGM


More about the UGLs of Serbia here: http://www.uvls.org.rs