(20171019) 10 Years Craft Lodge Ehnaton (+GAL)

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(20171019) 10 Years Craft Lodge Ehnaton  (+GAL)

On October 19, 2017 we celebrated the 10 years anniversary of the consecration of the craft lodge Ehnaton. The temple in which craft lodge Ehnaton was established no longer exists thus we wanted to have a more formal and brotherly festive event, so the event took place in Royal Hall of Balkan Hotel (AKA Sheraton). More and more brothers from all Grand Lodges in Bulgaria join the rituals and events of Ehnaton craft lodge since it is one of the lodges which focuses on esotheric matters. Most of the guests were Brothers who have started their freemasonic journey in the Ehnaton craft lodge. Among the official guests were 2 Grand Masters – the MW GM Br. Plamen Mateev (Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Bulgaria) and MW GM Br. Atanas Yalamov (Grand Lodge of Bulgaria).Also there were plenty VW Brothers Grand Officers – the VW VGM Br. Dimitar Rusev (GLAFAMBG), VW GO Br. Dimitar Urdev (GLAFAMBG), VW GO Br. A.T. (GLB). Brothers from all Grand Lodges  in the Great Orient of Bulgaria gathered together to remember the development of craft lodge Ehnaton and to support the next decade. The MW GM Br. Plamen Mateev and the MW GM Br. Atanas Yalamov demonstrated the unified Bulgarian freemasonry with a brotherly hug. Unity was also shown by the Past Lodge Masters of cradt lodge Ehnaton by all sitting together on 1 round table. We express our gratitude to hotel Balkan and all who helped this event. All photos are published with documented approval by the Brethren who are on them.