DISCOURCES: 353 Education Materials ※

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DISCOURCES: 353 Education Materials ※

The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Bulgaria considers that, as the mother of all the regular Grand Lodges in Bulgaria, is called upon to provide information and clarification about the essence of Freemasonry. For this reason, you can access the following Masonic discource:

353 Education Materials ※

A History of Lodge No 61 F and A M – O J Harvey

A Defence of Freemasonry – A F A Woodford

A General History of Freemasonry in Europe – E Rebold

A Legislative investigation into Masonry – B Hallett

A Lexicon of Freemasonry – A G Mackey

A Masonic Manual – J Wright anderson

A Modern Panarion – H P Blavatsky

A Program For Peace in An industrial Age – G P Ellis

A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry – Key To Phi Beta Kappa

A Ritual of Freemasonry – A Allyn

A Short View of The History of Freemasonry – W Sandys

A Study in American Masonry – A Preuss

A System of Speculative Masonry – S Town

Abraham Lincoln, Freemason – An Address Before The Lodge 1914

Acacian Lyrics – L A H Munday

Address To The Veterans of Pennsylvania – I Register

Akins Lodge Manual – J W Akin

American indian Freemasonry – A C Parker

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry 1916 Vol 1 – A G Mackey

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry 1919 Vol 2 – A G Mackey

An Epitome of Theosophy – W Q Judge

An Essay On The Mysteries of Free Masons – W H Reece

An Explanation of The 3RD Degree Tracing Board – G R Oswell

An interesting Companion For A Leisure Hour – D Fraser

Ancient and Modern initiation – M Heindel

Ancient Craft Masonry in Vermont – L S Tillotson

Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry – C H Vail

Ancient Religious Traditions and Symbols – H Sykes

Andersons Constitutions of 1723 – L Vibert

Angelic Wisdom – E Swedenborg

Arcana Saitica – H Giles

Avesta – Bleeck

Bacon Shakespeare and The Rosicrucians – W Wigston

Bacons Secret Disclosed – G Cunningham

Book of The A and A Scottish Rite – C T Mcclenachan

Brief History of The A A S Rite Freemasonry – E Sherman

Bro Ther of The Third Degree – W Garver

Bro Therly Love Recommended in A Sermon – C Brockwell

Bro Thers and Builders – J F Newton

By Laws of Mary Commandery – Masonic Knights Templar

By-laws Winslow Lewis Lodge 1858

Celebration 125TH Anniversary Masschusets Lodge 1770-1895

Celtic Mythology and Religion – A Macbain Celtic Religion – E Anwyl

Ceremonies – Scottish Rite Association, Oakland 1909

Chicago Illustrated, 1820 To 1880 – Condensed History of The Orders of Knighthood

Chips From A Rough Ashlar – J Stevens

Code index and Digest of The Laws of Freemasonry – J Morrison

Commemorating The 75TH Anniversary – Urbana Lodge 1929

Concerning Cosmic Consciousness – W L Wilmhurst

Confusion Is Upon Us – H. B. Macdonald

Constitution and By-laws London Masonic Mutual 1875

Constitution By-laws Manual of The Af and Am Oregon 1911

Constitution of The M W Grand Lodge – California 1920

Constitutions of Free and Accepted Mason 1858 – W G Clarke

Constitutions of The Ancient Fraternity of F and Am – J Hervey

Constitutions of The Free and Accepted Masons – W H White

Crusading With Knights Templar – D W Semple

Danger Signals – Secret Societies Illuminated

Desaguliers and The March of Militant Masonry – G. E. Maine

Determining Recognition – H. W. Bundy

Devil-worship in France – A E Waite

Digest of Masonic Law 1863 – Chase

Discourses On Freemasonry – T Harris

Duncans Masonic Ritual and Monitor – M C Duncan

El Monitor De Las Masones Libres 1822 Spanish – Webb

Fiftieth Anniversary – Oakland Lodge 1868-1918

First Degree initiaton – The Nor Theast Corner

Free Masonry – Its Pretensions Exposed – H Ward

Freemasonry and Catholicism – M Heindel

Freemasonry and Its Jurisprudence – C L Patton

Freemasonry and The Druids – W Winwood Reade

Freemasonry British, Continental Etc. – M Di Gargano

Freemasonry From Ad 1600 To The Grand Lodge Era – W Hughan

Freemasonry in America Prior To 1750 – M Maynard Jonson

Freemasonry in Michigan Vol Ii – Conover

Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Vol Ii 1781-1813 – N Barratt

Freemasonry in Pennsylvania Vol Iii 1813-55 – N Barratt

Freemasonry in The Holy Land – R Morris

Freemasonry Its Secrecy – T Russel

Fundamental Philosophic Secrets Within Masonry – W Wilmhurst

Fur Ther Light – Poems For Masonic Occassions – H Bromwell

General History and Cyclopedia – Macoy

Growth and Service of The Fellowcraft Degree – N Haydon

Harringtons Desideratu For The Age- A Masonic Work

Harry Watson Or The Secrets of Freemasonry – H Henderson

Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Medieval Mysticism – I Oakley

Highlights of The Mexican Revolution – J Lewin Mccleish

Historical Address – I Saw A Footprint in The Sand

Historical Landmarks of Freemasonry Explained – G Oliver

Historical Notes Concerning The York Grand Lodge – C Scott

History and By Laws of Richmond Royal Arch Chapter – M Moore

History of Ancient Fraternity F and A Masons – H Stillson

History of Freemasonry – District of Columbia – K Harper

History of Freemasonry – Its Legends and Traditions, Chronological History Vol 6 Mackey, Albert G

History of Freemasonry – Its Legends and Traditions, Chronological History Vol 7 Mackey, Albert G

History of Freemasonry in Canada Vol I Pt Ii – J Robertson

History of Freemasonry in Hyderabad – J D B Gribble

History of Freemasonry in Illinois – J Corson Smith

History of Freemasonry in The City of Calena – J C Smith

History of Freemasonry in The Province of Sussex – T Francis

History of Freemasonry in The Province Os Sussex – Francis

History of Freemasonry Throughout The World Vol 1 – R Gould

History of Freemasonry Throughout The World Vol 2 – R Gould

History of Freemasonry Throughout The World Vol 4 – R Gould

History of Freemasonry Throughout The World Vol 5 – R Gould

History of Freemasonry Throughout The World Vol 6 – R Gould

History of Joseph Webb Lodge – J Waldo Denny

History of Lodge No 43 F and Am – G R Welchans

History of Macon Lodge No 8 – Unknown

History of Masonry in Wigan – J Brown

History of Scottish Rite Masonry Detroit – J Corliss

History of Scottish Rite Masonry in Chicago – G Warvelle

History of St andrews Lodge 1822-1922 – H Smith

History of The Knights Templar of Pennsylvania – A Creigh

History of The Knights Templars of Canada – J R Robertson

History of Washington Lodge Lubec Maine – J Mcgregor

Holden With Cords – Flagg

Illustrations of Masonry – Grand Lodge of Kentucky – J Moore

Illustrations of Masonry – W Preston 1829

Illustrations of Masonry – William Preston 1867

Illustrations of Masonry By One of The Fraternity – W Morgan

Indian Masonry 1907 – Wright Ionic Lodge Af and Am 1847-1897

Items For Masonic Lodge Bulletins – G Goodwin and F Russel

Key To The First Chart of The Masonic Mirror – H. Parmele

King Solomons Temple and The 3RD Degree – R Smailes

Knight of Malta – R Cohen

Knights Templar History Ottowa Commandery – W Milligan

Knights Templar Tactics and Drill – E Garfield

Lectures of A Chapter Senate and Council – J Yarker

Letters and Addresses On Freemasonry – J Quincy Adams

Letters From The O Ther Side – H Thibault

Letters On Masonry and Anti Masonry – J Quincy Adams

Letters On The Masonic institution – J Quincy Adams

Letters To Students – M Heindel

Liber Thirty One – Frater Achad

Lights and Shadows of Freemasonry – R Morris

Lodge Plan of Masonic Education – Grand Lodge of Alberta

Luciferianism Or Satanism in English Freemasonry 1898 Pt 1 – Fouquet

Luciferianism Or Satanism in English Freemasonry 1898 Pt 2 – Fouquet

Manual of Freemasonry – R Carlile

Masonic Biography and Dictionary – A Row

Masonic Bookplates – W Prestcott

Masonic Obligations – W Colton

Masonic Odes and Poems – R Morris

Masonic Songs – Bury

Masonic Tracing Boards – E A T Breed

Masons The Truth – Secrets of A Secret Society

Master Keys of Life and Death – W Carey

Military Lodges – R Gould

Mithraism Freemasonry and The Ancient Mysteries – H Haywood

Morals and Dogma – A. Pike

Mormonism and Masonry – S. H. Goodwin

Mortel Fur Die Freimaurer 1863 – Stolz

Mysteries of The Rosie Cross – Unknown

Negro Masonry – A Comittee Report 1897

New Thought Lectures – F W Sears

Northumbrian Masonry – J Strachan

On Freemasonry – The Dean of York

On The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Masonry – J. HOW

On The Origin of Freemasonry 1910 – Paine

Ordo Rr Et Ac – A. E. Waite Origin of Freemasonry – G. T. Schultz 1912

Outlines of The History of Freemasonry in Quebec – J Graham

Pamphlets On Freemasons Rituals and Practice in Brazil – Spanish

Popular Superstitions of The Highlanders – W Stewart

Pot Pourri of Gifts 1890 – Stevenson

Principles and Practice of Masonic Jurisprudence – J Simons

Proceedings of The Grand Lodge Pennsylvania – 1896

Proofs of A Conspiracy – J Robison

Proofs of Illuminism – Payson

Religious Dogmas and Customs – J Fellows 1835

Remarks On Some Masonic Book Plates 1908 – Pope

Remarks On Some Masonic Book Plates Vol Ii 1911 – Pope

Ritual and Monitor of The Martinist Order – E Blitz

Robert Burns Freemason – By Bro Ther Fred J Belford

Royal Freemasons – G W Speth

Royal Society – A Collection of Quotes

Rudyard Kipling and Freemasonry – S Thompson

Scarlet Book of Free Masonry 1893 – Redding

Science and The infinite – S. T. Klein

Secret High Degree Rituals Masonic Rite Memphis – J Yarker

Secret Sects of Syria and The Lebanon – B H Springett

Secret Societies – Nesta Webster

Sermons On Freemasonry – Rev J inwood

Shavers Masonic Monitor – W M Shaver

Signs and Symbols in Twelve Lectures On Freemasonry – G Oliver

Sketches of Eminent Freemasons – C Moore

Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism – A.e. Waite

Some of The Beauties of Freemasonry – J Bradley

Some Psychic Problems – W Frysinger

Speculative Masonry – A S Macbride

Spurious Ecstasy – Wilmshurst

Standard Ahimon Rezon and Blue Lodge Guide – M Redding

Standard History of Freemasonry State of New York – P Ross

Study of Freemasonry – Translated From French

Symbolic Teaching 1917 – Stewart

Symbolism Hiramic Legend The Masters Word – J Ball

Symbolism of The 3 Degrees Vol 1 – O D Street

Symbolism of The 3 Degrees Vol 3 – O D Street

Tactics and Manual For Knights Templars – H B Grant

Tales Poems and Masonic Papers – E Holmes

The Accepted Ceremonies of Craft Freemasonry – A Mason

The Ahrimanic Deception – R Steiner

The Albury Ms – 1875

The Anti-masonic Review and Magazine 1828

The Antiquities of Freemasonry – G Oliver

The Apocalypse of Freemasonry – Castells

The Apron The Golden Bowl and The Silver Cord – H L Haywood

The Arcana of Freemasonry – A Churchward

The Arcane Schools – J Yarker

The Beginning of Masonry – F Higgins

The Beginnings of Freemasonry in North Carolina and Tennessee 1906 – Haywood

The Bible and The Square 1875 – Akerman

The Book of The Lodge Or officers Manual – G Oliver

The Book of The Words – A Pike

The Builders A Story and Study of Masonry – J F Newton

The Ca Thedral Builders – The Story of A Great Masonic Guild 1899

The Cable-tow The Ceremony of initiation – W L Wilmshurst

The Ceremony of Passing – W L Wilmshurst

The Cloud Upon The Sanctuary – K Von Eckhartshausen

The Compass and Square For Women Only – H L M Henderson

The Comte De St. Germain – I Cooper Oakley

The Consideratio Brevis – P A Gabella

The Constitution of The Society of Ancient Masons-virginia

The Constitutions of The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts – 1857

The Cryptic Rite in Canada – J R Robertson

The Dionysian Artificers – Hippolyto J Da Costa

The Discrepancies of Freemasonry – Oliver

The Dore Lectures On Mental Science – T Troward

The Dream of The Ages – T E Green

The Duty of The Master – J Fitzhenry Townsend

The Early History of Freemasonry in England – T L Fox

The Entered Apprentices Handbook – J S M Ward

The Esoteric Vol Ix Jul 1895-JUN 1896

The Fellowcrafts Handbook – J S M Ward

The Four Old Lodges – R Gould

The Freemasons – What They Are – Mge De Segur

The Freemasons Daughter 1879 Vol 3 – Smith

The Freemasons Hymnal – W Malmene

The Freemasons Library and General Ahiman Rezon – S. Cole

The Freemasons Manual Or Illistrations of Masonry – J How

The Freemasons Monitor 1859 – Webb and Morris

The Freemasons Treasury – G Oliver

The General Ahiman Rezon and Freemasons Guide – D Sickels

The Genius of Freemasonry and 20TH C. Crusade- J Buck

The Genius of Masonry Or A Defence of The Order – S. L. Knap

The Globes – A Masonic Lecture

The Golden Remains of The Early Masonic Writers – Oliver

The Great Light of Masonry – B Allen

The Great Works of Thomas Paine – Political and Theological – Complete 1878

The Greatest Thing Ever Known – R W Trine

The Hand-book of The Chapter – California 1855

The Hidden Life in Freemasonry – C. W. Leadbeater

The Higher Degrees Handbook – J S M Ward

The Hiramic Legend and The Ashmolean Theory – W Hextall

The History and Articles of Masonry – M Cooke

The History of Freemasonry and The Gl of Scotland – W Laurie

The History of Freemasonry Vol 3 – Gould 1884

The History of initiation – 12 Lectures 1855

The History of The Temple Church and The Temple – C Addison

The Hymns of Hermes – Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Ii

The Irish Prince and The Hebrew Prophet – L Fail

The Johannite Masons and The Star in The East – G Oliver

The Kabbalah Unveiled – S L Mac Gregor Ma Thers

The Key of Masonry – Knights of The Eagle Or Sun

The Law of Fraternaties and Societies – J Hirschl

The Letter From Pope – Ollivier

The Lodge and Its Furniture – W Harvey

The Magical Writings of Thomas Vaughan – A E Waite

The Masonic Advocate 1850 – Judson

The Masonic Concordia 1906 – Ilsley

The Masonic initiation – W. L. Wilmshurst

The Masonic Manual – Or Lectures On Freemasonry – J. Ashe

The Masonic Manual – R Macoy

The Masonic offering A Gift For All Seasons – P. Donaldson

The Masonic Ring – A Poem

The Masonic Trestle Board – C Moore and W Carnegy

The Masonic Vocal Manual – R Macoy

The Masons Apron – W. Harvey

The Masons As Makers of America – M C Peters

The Masons Mallet – W Harvey

The Master Masons Guide – A Utley

The Master Masons Handbook – J S M Ward

The Master Workman Or True Masonic Guide – H. C. Atwood

The Masters Carpet – E Ronayne

The Meaning of Masonry – A Pike

The Meaning of Masonry – W L Wilmshurst

The Most Holy Trinosophia – Comte De St. Germain

The Mysteries of Freemasonry – J. Fellows 1860

The Mystic Chord – Masonic Odes and Melodies – C Mabie

The Mystic Tie 1867 – Mackey

The Mystic Will – C G Leland

The Mystical Basis of Masonry – Wilmshurst

The Mysticism of Masonry – Unknown

The New Masonic Music Manual – W Janes

The New Masonic Trestle-board – C W Moore

The Old Charges – Bro Ther H L Haywood

The Old Charges of British Freemasons – W Hughan

The Old Guilds of England – F Armitage

The Origin of Freemasonry – A Lecture – R. Longfield

The Origin of Freemasonry 1717 Theory Exploded – C Paton

The Origin of Masonic Ritual and Tradition – W Rowbottom

The Origin of The Royal Arch – G Oliver

The Perfect Ceremonies of Craft Masonry – Unknown

The Pocket Companion and History of Free-masons (1754)

The Principles of Masonic Law – A. G. Mackey

The Proceedings of The United States Anti-masonic Convention – Sept 11TH 1830

The Rationale and Ethics of Freemasonry 1858 – Arnold

The Regius Manuscript – A Poem of Moral Duties 1390

The Religion of The Ancient Celts – J A Macculloch

The Revelations of A Square – G. Oliver

The Ritual of The Commandery – Knights of Malta 1878

The Romance of Freemasonry – J F Newton

The Roots of Ritualism in Church and Masonry – H P Blavatsky

The Round Towers of Ireland – H Obrien

The Scarlet Book of Freemasonry – M W Redding

The Secret Doctrine in Israel – Waite The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry – Vol I 1911 – Waite

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry – Vol Ii 1911 – Waite

The Signet of King Solomon – C Arnold

The Spirit of Masonry – J F Newton The Spirit of Masonry – W Hutchinson

The Star in The East – G Oliver

The State of Rhode Island – Report To investigate The Charge

The Story of Freemasonry – W G Sibley

The Story of Hiram Abiif – W Harvey

The Story of The Royal Arch – W Harvey

The Symbol of Glory – G Oliver

The Symbolism of Freemasonry – A G Mackey

The Text Book of Freemasonry – Unknown

The Textbook of Cryptic Masonry – J Chase

The Theocratic Philosophy of Freemasonry – G Oliver

The Tradition of The Old York T I Lodge- Bro C J Scott

The True Ahiman Rezon 1805 – Dermott

The True Principles and Precepts of Freemasonry – C Martyn

The Universal Masonic Record – List of Masonic Lodges in America and Europe 1857

The Use and Abuse of Freemasonry 1866 – Smith

The Virginia Text Book 1866 – J. Dove

The Wages of An Entered Apprentice 1919 – Harvey

The War of Anti-christ With The Church 1884 – Dillon

The Web of Destiny – M Heindel

The White Apron – W L Milligan

The World Mystery – G R S Read

The Worthies of Freemasonry-solomon

Three Things I Know – Newton Toleration – R W Hill

Traditions of Freemasonry and Its Coincidences With The Ancient Mysteries 1870 – Pierson

Travelling Craftsmen – E Elliston

Various Rituals of Freemasonry From The 10TH Century- G Oliver

Victor Roy A Masonic Poem – H A Wilkins

Vindication of General Washington 1841 – Ritner

Washington and His Masonic Compeers 1869 – S Hayden

Weltfreimaurerei Weltrevolution Weltre – German Language

What Is Freemasonry – N F De Clifford What Is Freemasonry 1958 – Howard

Whence Come You and Whi Ther Are You Traveling – Harris

Who Will Follow Our Train – Hodsman

Within The Temple of Isis – B Wagner